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    How to Manage Leads in OpenCart?

    Updated 10 November 2022

    The store owner can manage leads in the Opencart store with the help of Opencart Form Builder. Hence, with the help of the extension, the store owner can create contact forms.

    These forms will receive data from the customer which will be utilized by the sales team to manage the leads.

    Hence, these forms will be useful in receiving feedback, survey, reviews on purchases, booking information and many more.

    CRM Tools – Manage Leads

    A form builder is a great tool for the collection of prospective customers who are keen to purchase the product. Hence, it allows the store owner to save the data of such customers to contact them in the future.


    These forms can be personalized as per the requirement to collect the relevant information. So, it can help the store owner to better connect with the customer and know the current demand.

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    Notification Via Mail

    The forms that the customer fills out are shared with both the customer and the admin. The admin can set the format of the mail. Thus, making the format more standardized.

    The module supports the multi-lingual feature to allow the admin to define the mail template in different languages.


    However, the admin can restrict the mail notification functionality of the customer as per business requirements. Thus, allowing the admin to provide the maximum ability of access.


    Error Message

    In general, any customer who comes to the store usually doesn’t wish to fill out the complete form. But this can create a glitch for the store owner.

    As incomplete details can create great confusion. Henceforth the store owner can add-in an alert message. The error messages can be of multiple types-

    • Required Field- The error message that will generate if the customer forgets to fill in the fields which must have data.
    • File Type and size- These messages are displayed if the customer uploads a file which does not have the prescribed file format or size.

    Customized Form – Manage Leads

    The admin can modify the form layout as per requirement. These forms can be set as per the page on which they will be displayed.

    So, in the layout, the admin adds multiple fields to the form. The admin can take in details for any sort of data.


    Conclusion – Manage Leads In Opencart

    So, if you wish to generate leads on your Opencart online store and help the sales team. It’s time to introduce the Opencart Form Builder. That’s all for the article, if you require any assistance, then please raise a ticket or get back to us at [email protected]

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