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    Handle Exception with Reflection Class in PHP

    As PHP has already become the most used programming language on the web, so nowadays, a lot of frameworks are seen to be built in PHP programming language. There are a lot of customizable blogging and e-commerce frameworks that are built in PHP. So, there emerges a need to handle the exceptions that could be caused by the miscoded extensions for a framework. In order to handle those exceptions, we have to use something that can handle the exception and also be showing the proper cause. This is where reflection class come into use.

    ReflectionClass in PHP is something that contains the information about a class as mentioned in PHP documentation. Although, it has many applications we are going to focus on the exception handling.

    The syntax of reflection class:

    We could have a doubt while calling a method of a class, for that we can use this function of reflection class:

    We can also find out the number of arguments in a method by using the below function.

    Although, I have listed a very few, there are much more applications of ReflectionClass. You can learn about other functions of the ReflectionClass in the PHP Documentation.

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