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Growth Hacks App for Shopify – [User Guide]

Updated 6 September 2022

Isn’t it amazing to enable engaging popups that grab customers for your website? On websites, discount wheel pop-ups are trending these days and it seems to be one of the smartest Growth Hacks to boost conversion.

Considering this, we have come up with the best discount wheel pop-up app for Shopify namely “Growth Hacks“. Using this app, you can select a growth hack method and show a spin wheel on your website. The spin wheel presents exclusive discount prizes for the customer. The customer will enter their email ID and try their luck to win discount coupons.

Moreover, you can show the pop-ups of recent sales of your website.

This way, you can create a sense of winning exciting prizes for the customers and uplift the sales performance of your website. GET APP

App Features

  • A simplified way to show wheel pop-up on your website with exciting discounts, thus, increase website engagement.
  • You can create rules based on which prizes will be shown on the spin wheel.
  • You can configure the design and color of the spin wheel pop-up.
  • The customer will receive the winning prize i.e. discount code via email.
  • You can configure the discount code limit per customer.
  • You can configure the email templates, labels of the spin wheel.
  • Additionally, you can show recent sales popup on your website.

Membership Plan

The Growth Hacks App is completely FREE of cost!

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Let’s see how to configure the app.
To create discount for the spin wheel pop-up, you need to add rules.

Add Rules

To show the discount options on the spin wheel, you need to create rules in the app. On spining the wheel, the customers will get a chance to win exclusive prices and avail discounts.

To add a rule, Go to Rule>>Click the Add Rule button.

Clicking the Add Rule button, you need to enter the details such as:

  • Enable/Disable the spin wheel status.
  • Select a method for growth hack i.e. Spin wheel.
  • Set the start and end date.
  • Select the discount type whether percentage discount or fixed discount.
  • Enter the minimum purchase amount to apply the discount code and avail discount benefit.
  • Enter the label and description of the discounted offers.

Moreover, You can edit the rules in the app.

Growth Hack Configuration

From the Configuration menu in the app, you can manage the growth hack settings.

Manage Spin Wheel Configuration
You can enable/disable the status of the spin wheel growth hack and configure the start and end date.


Recent Sales Popup

The Growth Hacks app also allows you to import orders into the app and show the recent products purchased by the customer on your website.

Let’s see how to manage the settings.

Manage Recent Sales Popup Configuration
From this section, you can manage the recent sales pop-up settings that appear on your website. This pop-up shows the latest products purchased by the customer on your website.

You can update the status of this pop-up also, configure the start and end date and proceed to import orders.


To get orders into the app, click the Import Orders button and select the date range to import the orders.

Now, to show the pop-up on your website, you need to inject the codes to the suggested liquid file. Go to the Storefront Configure section and auto-inject the codes.

After adding the codes, this is how the recent sales pop-ups appear on your website:-


Countdown Timer Feature

Here is yet another Growth Hack introduced in the app namely Countdown Timer. For this, visit the Growth Hacks Configuration and enable the feature.


Frontend Visibility:-

This is how the timer appears on products:-


Configure Email Template

Configure the template of the email sent to the customer regarding discounts.


General Configuration

From this menu, you can update the store logo, configure store email, timezone, etc.


Store Front Configuration

From this section, you can add the codes to show the spin wheel on your store front.

Code Pasting for Online Store 2.0

In case you are using Online store 2.0 (Example- Dawn), you need to follow the steps to add the codes.

To show the spin wheel pop-up, add the code below inside the form tag after the head tag in theme.liquid :-

{% include 'growth-spin-wheel' %}

Code to display “Recent Order Popup”, add the code below inside the form tag after the head tag in theme.liquid :-

{% include 'recent-order-popup' %}

For Product Countdown feature

To display the countdown timer on the product page in main-product.liquid, paste the copied code just after ‘</product-form>’:-

<div id='wk_growth_hack_product_count_down' data-product_id='{{ }}'></div>

To display the countdown timer on the collection page in main-collection-product-grid.liquid, paste the copied code between the ‘{% for product in collection.products %}’ loop:-

<div id='wk_growth_hack_collection_product_{{ }}' class='wk_growth_hack_collection_products' data-product_id='{{}}' data-shopmethods='{{ shop.metafields.wk_gh_labels.wk_gh_shopmethods }}'></div>


Moreover, you can translate the labels of your store front.


Design Configuration

Manage Spin Wheel pop-up Design Configuration

From this section, you can manage the front-end design of growth hack methods such as background color, wheel colors, text size designs, etc.


Time Difference To Show Spin Wheel To a Customer( in Minutes )

You will also have an option to configure the time difference to show the spin wheel pop up to a customer.
Suppose you set it to 60 i.e. 60 minutes. Now, customer visits your website at 1 P.M and view the pop-up. After that, the pop-up will appear at 2 P.M (after 60 minutes) and will be shown to the respective customer.

Manage Recent Sales Pop-up Design Configurations


In the discount section, you will have the list of the discounts created via the app.


Front End

Once the codes are added, this is how the Spin Wheel appears on the storefront.


The customer will enter the email to spin the wheel and win a prize. Once the wheel gets stopped, the discount coupon will be provided to the customer. The customer will get notified via email.


The customer will use the discount coupon for purchase.

Admin Panel Dashboard to Track Store Progress



You can refer to the below-given URL & credential to check the demo:
Storefront Password: pildai

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