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Generating API Credentials: Etsy Odoo Bridge

Updated 1 October 2019

Etsy Odoo Bridge extension connects Odoo with Etsy marketplace using  REST API .Prior to connecting  Odoo and Etsy you need to register   app over Etsy developer account and obtain the Application key /Access key and Secret key for  using them  in Odoo.

Etsy App Registraion


For creating app over Etsy API visit this link and register  as developers.

Here provide some basic information like:  Name, Email, Password and Username. You can also register on Etsy developer account using your  Facebook or Google account.

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After submitting the details you will receive an confirmation email which you will need to verify to get access of developer account.

After verification you will be redirected app  page , here  you can  register your app for getting  Access key and Secret key .

While creating  the app fill these information :

  • Application Name
    • Place the name of your app,  it’s will visible to user while  authenticating  for getting OAuth Token and OAuth Secret.
  • Describe your Application
    • Place the description of your app,  it’s will also  visible to user while  authentication.
  • Application Website
    • Place the full URL of your odoo website.
  • What type of Application are you building?
    • Mark  Seller Tools option.
  •  Who will be the users of this application?
    • Mark Just myself or colleagues option.
  •  Is your application commercial?
    • Mark No option.
  • Will your app do any of the following?
    • Mark All 3 options[, ]

Finally verify the reCaptcha and click on Read Terms and Create App button.

Here mark the term and conditional and click on Create App .

Etsy API Credentials


After completing all these mention steps your  app will be create over Etsy developer account for accessing your etsy data using REST API.

Now you can   collect the Access key[Key String] and Secret key[Shared Secret] of created Etsy app and place  them in credentials section of  Etsy Odoo Bridge .

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