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    Advanced Marketplace Features As Per Version

    Updated 19 July 2022

    Advanced Marketplace Features As Per Version: There are many features in our marketplace module to help admin convert the store into a marketplace. We are continuously in the process of updating our module. Each and every version has its own functionalities. To help Admin distinguish features in the updated versions, we have listed all features according to the marketplace version.

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    • The top most panel is the latest version of the marketplace module.
    • The features listed in the versions are the features added to those versions.
    • The updated versions include the features of older versions also.

    Advanced Marketplace Features Version 6.0.0

    • Allow sellers to add virtual and pack products.
    • The sellers can add customizable products.
    • Allow sellers to add attachment products.
    • Sellers can add and manage brands.
    • Sellers can add and manage suppliers.
    • The sellers add tags for their products.
    • Enable sellers to add related products on their products.
    • The sellers can add specific rules for their products.
    • Sellers can add MPN and stock location for their products.
    • Sellers can add caption on product images.
    • The seller can set page redirection on their products.
    • Restrict category for the sellers’ products.
    • Enable sellers to export their products or orders via CSV file.

    Advanced Marketplace Features Version 3.4.1/5.4.1

    • Seller settlement issue fixed
    • Fixed seller order creation issue with voucher
    • Fixed seller review deletion issue in bulk action
    • Security issues fixed
    • Fixed seller product activation issue in case of multishop

    Advanced Marketplace Features Version 3.4.0/5.4.0

    • The module is now multi-shop compatible.
    • Option to choose shipping, combination & features while assigning product to seller is removed. All of them will be assigned by default.

    Advanced Marketplace Features Version 3.3.1/5.3.1

    • A new column named “Seller Shipping” is added to the Transactions tab.
    • Shop logo displayed along with the shop name on the product page even if the seller does not have any ratings on the marketplace.

    Advanced Marketplace Features Version 3.3.0/5.3.0

    • Admin can add admin commission and admin tax in percentage, a fixed amount or Both (Percentage and Fixed Amount).
    • Admin can set commission rate on shipping while order carrier distribution is set to Both.
    • Sellers can add a tracking number and tracking URL for their orders.
    • The sellers can also send the tracking details to the customer via mail.
    • Admin can set configuration in order settings whether a seller can add tracking details or not.
    • An admin can choose to update the tracking number on PrestaShop order’s tracking number if the order has products of the single seller.
    • Admin can choose to display tracking number in tracking URL.
    • Admin can show or hide tracking number and URL to customer on order history page.
    • Added edit product button on seller product details page.
    • Added YouTube ID option for seller’s social channel in profile.

    Shipping Distribution

    • Admin can set distribution from the carriers list whether shipping cost will go to admin, seller or both. He/she can distribute shipping amount of seller products only.
    • Admin can enable/disable shipping distribution settings from Backoffice approval settings.
    • Admin can configure whether shipping will be distributed between admin & seller or not in case If admin product exists with any seller product in the same order and that order carrier distribution is set as Seller/Both.

    Advanced Marketplace Features Version 3.2.2/5.2.2

    • Sellers can duplicate their products if enabled by admin.
    • Admin can also duplicate the seller’s product on behalf of the seller.
    • Configure whether the duplicate products will be created with Zero quantity or original product’s quantity.
    • Admin can set prefix title for duplicate product.
    • Admin can also specify the number of reviews to display on the seller’s profile page.
    • Add rewrite URL for the seller’s all reviews page.

    Advanced Marketplace Features Version 3.2.1/5.2.1

    • Seller new products are displayed on the shop page first.
    • Manage delivery time feature if the Prestashop version is greater than or equal to

    Advanced Marketplace Features Version 3.2.0/5.2.0

    • Sellers can add tax identification number on their profile.
    • Enable sellers to display “On sale!” flag on their products.
    • Admin can allow sellers to add delivery time and apply additional shipping costs to their products.
    • Sellers can also add a low stock level for notification on their products and combinations.
    • Seller rating summary will display on the product page as well as on the seller profile page.
    • Admin can set the order in which the reviews will display on the seller’s profile page.
    • If enabled by the admin, then Customers can give reviews to the sellers and view their ratings and reviews.
    • Customers can give feedback on the seller’s review that the review is helpful or not.
    • If enabled by the admin, then Only registered customers can contact the sellers otherwise all the customers whether registered or unregistered can contact the sellers.
    • Rollback seller transaction data if the admin/seller changes the status of an order to canceled.

    Version 3.1.0/5.1.0

    Seller profile –

    • Admin can add CMS page for terms and conditions.
    • Sellers can contact admin via email from the Edit profile page.
    • Admin can add the Zipcode field for seller address with city and country in configuration settings.
    • Admin can preview the seller profile from the seller list in the back office.
    • Seller Dashboard page displays a statistics graph based on sales and orders.

    Seller Product –

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    • Admin can allow sellers to add minimum quantity for sale.
    • Allow sellers to add a condition to their products.
    • Admin can choose whether the seller can add wholesale price and price per unit on their products and combinations or not.
    • If enabled by the admin, then the admin commission will display on the Add/Edit product and product details page of the seller front end.
    • If the product has combinations then product quantity and minimum quantity will be hidden for both seller and admin.
    • Seller and Admin can change combination quantity from product combination list (combination tab).
    • Seller and Admin can change the position of product active images.
    • “Save and Stay” button available on the add/update combination page.
    • Seller can generate combinations.
    • The seller can add, edit, and delete attributes and their values.
    • The seller can add, edit, and delete features and their values.
    • Seller can view the admin commission summary on their order details page.
    • Sellers can view their earnings and admin commission summary, currency wise in transactions section.

    Advanced Marketplace Features Version 3.0.0/Version 5.0.0

    Marketplace 5.0.0 is our major change as we have merged various functionalities such as combination, features, and shipping.

    General Configuration

    • Allow custom CSS for Marketplace.
    • Display “Become a Seller” option on the navigation bar, footer bar, and bottom info bar at the front end.
    • Allow sellers to update their orders.
    • Display the selected order statuses to sellers to update orders.

    Approval Configuration

    • Admin can allow sellers to provide their social profile links.
    • If enabled, then admin can enable or disable Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links.
    • Admin can allow sellers to apply pre-added tax rules on their products.
    • Allow sellers to add meta description and meta title for their products.
    • Sellers can manage the visibility of their products if allowed by admin.
    • Sellers can also select the availability preferences for their out-of-stock products.
    • Allow sellers to add EAN-13, UPC barcode, ISBN, and reference code to their products.
    • Option to create combinations for the products using admin added attributes and values.
    • Sellers can add features for their products using admin added features and their values.
    • Now, sellers can apply admin added shipping to their products, if allowed by admin.
    • Admin can now set the manual approval of updated products also.
    • If “Prestashop Combination Activate/deactivate module” is installed, then admin can allow or disallow sellers to activate or deactivate their created combinations.

    Profile Management

    • The seller can also add profile as well as shop banner in their profile information.
    • Provide social links as configured by admin.
    • The seller can also select the details to be displayed on his profile and shop page.
    • Admin can also add “Payment Details” for the seller by selecting the pre-specified payment mode.

    Product management

    • Sellers can add minimum quantity, wholesale price, and price per unit on their products.
    • Sellers can apply tax on their products.
    • Specify the tax exclusive as well as the inclusive price of the product.
    • Create a combination using predefined attributes and their values.
    • The seller can add features to products using predefined features and their values.
    • Select the behavior of order i.e allow or deny order when the product is out of stock.
    • The seller can go to product edit page directly from the preview of the product.
    • Admin can assign their own product with or without combination, features, and shipping to the seller.

    Order Management & Transaction Details

    • Seller can view the total earning made on marketplace store.
    • Sellers can use the allow order status to update their order.
    • Sellers can add their tracking number and Url.
    • Admin can also view the total earning of each seller separately.
    • Once payment for the order is accepted, then sellers can view their due amount that has to be paid by admin.
    • Admin will also have the information of due and paid amount at their end.
    • Admin can pay seller share at their end and can manage the transaction detail on marketplace.
    • Sellers can view their due amount as well as amount that has been settled by admin in transaction detail.

    Email Based Notification

    • Email notification is sent to seller when admin’s product is assigned.
    • Tracking mail to buyer for the order placed.

    Advanced Marketplace Features Version 2.1.1/Version 4.0.0

    • Admin can edit the ‘From Mail Title’ and Email Address from which the mail will be sent to the seller.
    • Admin can manage on configuration page whether city and country fields for Sellers profile are mandatory or not.
    • View Order’s shipping Amount in the Manage seller Orders tab.
    • Admin can view Order wise shipping.
    • Choose whether the distribution of commission will be display on the order confirmation or on Payment accepted.
    • Admin can see the number of pending payments if the distribution of Commission is display when Payment is Accepted for any order.
    • If enabled by the admin, then sellers deactivate or reactivate their shop.
    • The seller can add the city, country, and state in their profile.
    • The seller can see the vouchers in order details if the voucher is applied to the seller’s product.

    Advanced Marketplace Features Version 2.1.0

    • Admin can enable or disable the multi-language functionality.
    • Sellers can select their default language.
    • Seller can provide their shop description and shop name in different language.
    • Seller can provide the product name, short and long description in different languages.
    • Provide a unique shop name for the shop URL. This unique name will be same in every language.
    • Admin can also add seller details in different languages.
    • Admin can also provide the seller product description and name in different languages.
    • Seller can also update the product details in different languages.
    • Admin can now assign multiple products to single seller.
    • Admin can select whether to receive a mail or not when the seller adds the product.
    • Select whether to receive a mail or not when the seller deletes the product.
    • Admin can enable or disable the display of user friendly URL.
    • Admin can specify the SEO friendly prefix for the seller profile, shop and collection page.
    • Customer can edit or delete the review anytime.
    • Seller can also crop the product image according to the requirement.

    Version 2.0.2

    • Admin can specify the reasons for deactivating the seller profile or product.
    • The seller can select default category for their products.
    • Seller products cannot be active if seller status is inactive.
    • If an admin is reactivating the seller, then the seller product will not reactivate automatically.
    • Admin needs to activate the seller product manually.
    • Admin can view seller details on the order page.
    • Select whether to send mail on the approval of the seller request or not.
    • Select whether to send mail on the disapproval of the seller request or not.
    • Admin can select whether to send mail on the approval of the seller product or not.
    • Select whether to send mail on the disapproval of the seller product or not.
    • Admin can select whether to send mail when the seller receives an order or not.
    • The seller can view the total amount of the order on the order detail page.
    • The seller can view top 5 orders on the dashboard.
    • Add images even when the product is deactivated.
    • The seller can delete inactive images also.
    • The seller can see and edit product images on the product update page.
    • Inactive images will also display in front if images uploaded in the deactivated product.

    Version 2.0.0

    • Admin can set whether to show the admin commission to the seller or not
    • Admin can now add Terms and Conditions, while the seller registers.
    • Also, admin can auto-approve the seller reviews and can also set the admin approval for seller reviews.
    • Seller profile view more clear at the admin end.
    • The seller can now add the condition of the product, ie. new, old, or refurbished.
    • Unique Shop name for every seller. No two sellers can have the same shop name.
    • Admin can now assign the existing product to the seller.
    • Admin can view all the products for each seller separately.
    • The seller can activate or inactive products.
    • Admin can customize the display of seller details.

    Main Features

    • Prestashop store becomes a full – fledged marketplace.
    • Admin manages commission. Admin can approve or disprove the seller profile and products.
    • Also, admin can set the default approval of seller profile and seller products.
    • Admin can manage payment modes.
    • Admin can approve or disapprove any seller request.
    • Enable or disable seller reviews.
    • Admin can set different seller commission for every seller.
    • Admin can set global commission also.
    • Choose whether the tax is to given to admin, seller or distribute equally between the admin and seller.
    • In the default module, the shipping price goes to the admin.
    • Separate seller profile and seller shop.
    • Separate seller shops for each seller.
    • Seller can choose from the payment methods provided by the admin, through which seller share is transferred.
    • Buyers will have more variety to choose from.
    • Buyers can give their reviews and ratings.
    • Admin needs to approve and disapprove the buyer reviews and ratings, only then they are visible in the front-end.

    Prestashop Compatibility

    Here is the list of latest Marketplace versions compatible to respective Prestashop versions.

    For Prestashop V1.6

    • 2.1.1
    • 3.0.0
    • 3.1.0

    For Prestashop V1.7

    • 4.0.0
    • 5.0.0
    • 5.1.0


    Functionality wise “Marketplace V2.1.1 & V4.0.0” are equivalent, “Marketplace V3.0.0 & V5.0.0” are equivalent and “Marketplace V3.1.0 & V5.1.0” are equivalent.


    Migration of V2.0.x to V2.1.x

    • We have updated our module from version 2.0.x to version 2.1.x and made some of the major changes.
    • Upgrading the marketplace version 2.0.x to marketplace version 2.1.x is not an easy process. To do so we have to uninstall the older version, delete it and then install the current version. If you have a live website then this is not a feasible solution as you will lose all your data and customization.
    • To avail of some of those functionalities in your older version of the module, you can raise your ticket at We can add the new functionalities in your older version and it might be considered as paid customization depending on functionality.

    Migration of previous versions of marketplace to V5.0.0

    • Direct uploading is not possible. You need to uninstall, delete and reinstall the new version of marketplace.
    • Upgradation to V5.0.0 is not feasible for live users as they will loose all their data and customization.

    Migration of previous versions of marketplace to V5.1.0

    • Direct uploading is not possible. You need to uninstall, delete and reinstall the new version of marketplace.
    • Upgradation to V5.1.0 is not feasible for live users as they will loose all their data and customization.

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