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    Design Collection-404 Pages

    No doubt that 404 Page or Error Page help in improving SEO but at the same time they reduce bounce rate of any website. It inhibits the user from closing the window or navigating away from site when faced with non existent page on it. There are some companies which went a step further to give great experience to their users by cleverly designing some aesthetically pleasing 404 Pages.

    We have curated some really fascinating list here.  



    Animated Pages


    MarvelApp has adorable slot machine animation.





    Flaticons have small hovering animations.





    Cool animation on 404 page of Airbnb





    Kombu has given colourful touch to their Error Page.





    Oyo shows it perfectly with faded grey motion.




    Some Interaction

    There are then other websites which let their users interact with 404 page. Obviously we all have spent time making that dianousure jump to beat our collugues score when we face network issue on  It is such a intuitive way of keeping the user engaged and making sure that they purposely keep coming to 404 page. Below are some more such example.



    User can interact with Figma’s 404 page.





    Changing colors of Dribbble’s 404 Page is fantastic





    Marvel has never let us down and so has their Error Page.   





    Human Talk

    It’s not that only interactive 404 pages have made it to this list. There are lot of static pages as well who have kept it clean and minimal.


    Evernote has thoughtful yet catchy illustration.





    IMDB has picked up funny missing page quotes from famous movies.





    Mailchimp takes care of communication in every manner, even on their 404 page.





    Typeform has got their users attention perfectly.





    Zoho has kept it soothing and straight forward.






    Webkul has tactfully played with words and illustration


    I hope you enjoyed reading this and found some design inspiration. Let me know if you feel that there is any design website which can make it to this.  




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