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    CS-Cart WooCommerce Connector


    CS-Cart WooCommerce Connector allows an admin to synchronize WooCommerce products and orders to CS-Cart store. And also allows admin to map the WooCommerce’s category, payment methods and shipping methods with CS-Cart.

    Using this add-on, the admin will no longer be required to configure the product data and information on both the stores separately. The admin can sync the product, orders from WooCommerce to CS-Cart store and also can manage multiple accounts to exchange and synchronize the data between CS-Cart and WooCoomerce.


    CS-Cart WooCommerce Connector will only work with PHP 7 plus version.

    Features of CS-Cart WooCommerce Connector  

    • Well integrated with CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multivendor.
    • Allows admin to import products from WooCommerce store to CS-Cart store with product variations (Product Variation Add-on will be Required).
    • The product information like name, price, quantity, and other attributes gets updated in real-time.
    • Admin can map WooCommerce category with CS-Cart category.
    • Admin can map WooCommerce payment methods with CS-Cart payment methods.
    • Admin can map WooCommerce shipping methods with CS-Cart shipping methods.
    • Synchronization of orders from WooCommerce to CS-Cart and from CS-Cart to WooCommerce in real time.
    • Admin can handle multiple WooCommerce merchant accounts from CS-Cart Panel.

    The flow of Installation and Configuration

    Step 1

    When you’ll download the “CS-Cart WooCommerce Connector ” add-on, you’ll get one zip file and the install.txt file. Read it carefully and follow it. Firstly click on the plus icon to upload the zip file.

    Now, Click on “Local” to browse the zip file and then click on “Upload & Install” as shown in the below snapshot.

    After installation of the add-on, you will find the “WooCommerce Connector” add-on in the list of the available add-on. Make sure, the add-on is activated as shown in the below snapshot.

    Step 2

    Now go to Website and click on WooCommerce Connector to add account and configure.

    After that click on the plus icon to add a new WooCommerce account.

    Step 3

    Now, in General tab, you will need to enter the WooCommerce app name and WooCommerce store URL and click on autenticate to autenticate the account as shown in the below snapshot –

    Further when you will click on authenticate, the WooCommerce account details will get fetched automatically and the details will get filled as shown below in the snapshot –

    Step 4

    Now after the General Settings, Configure the Order settings, Select the Payment Processor and Shipping method for export and import WooCommerce orders from here as shown below –

    Step 5

    For product setting, select the desired category to which WooCommerce products get imported and also select the currency from here. Click on the plus icon to select the CS-Cart category.

    When you will click on the plus icon, a new popup of CS-Cart category will get opened. Select the category and click “Choose”.

    Step 6

    In Webhook settings, Click on register order webhook and register product webhook as shown below so that webhook is created for products created,updated, and order created in real time. After configuring various settings click on Save.

    Once the account gets created, one can perform various actions from WooCommerce store to CS-Cart store like Category mapping, Manage products, Manage orders, Shipping mapping, Payment method mapping and Deletion of account.

    Given below is the step by step processes from CS-Cart store to WooCommerce

    1. Category Mapping :

    In the category mapping, you can map the WooCommerce category with CS-Cart category in order to import products.

    2. Manage products :

     In this section, to import products from WooCommerce, click on “Import Products”.

    3. Manage orders :

    In this section, you can see the list of WooCommerce orders and CS-Cart orders both seperately as there exists the syncronization of orders from Woocommerce to CS-Cart and from CS-Cart to WooCommerce in real-time as shown below –

      View of WooCommerce orders list placed from CS-Cart’s end

      View of WooCommerce orders list placed from WooCommerce end

    4. Shipping mapping :

    In this section, you can map Woocommerce Shipping methods with CS -Cart shipping methods.

    5. Payment method mapping :

    In this section, you can map Woocommerce Payment methods with CS – Cart Payment methods.

    6. Delete account :

    In this section, the admin can Delete the created account.


    That’s all for the add-on, still, have any issue, feel free to write here on Http://Webkul.Uvdesk.Com  and let us know your views to make the module better.

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x

    . . .

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  • Partha Goswami
    I am still confused how it works I opened ticket support team gave me this link
    • Aishwarya Tiwari
      Hi Partha Goswami,
      Greetings for the day!!
      This is the user guide for the add-on, you can check the workflow of the add-on from here.
      Here is the link for the live demo of the add-on –
      Please check, and if in case you have any query you can write to us at
      Thanks and regards,
  • Gert Brough
    No information in documentation regarding the Woocommerce setup / how to setup Woocommerce.
    • Aishwarya Tiwari
      Greetings from Webkul!!
      You just need to add your WooCommerce Merchant account i.e., App name and store URL, and authenticate it.
      If you have any query, you can generate a ticket on – http://Webkul.Uvdesk.Com
      • Gert Brough
        Still unclear. Were do I get the required Woocommerce App name from?
  • don
    Hi, Variants are bit of a problem. Can you please take a look?
    • Aishwarya Tiwari
      Greetings from Webkul!!
      Sure, we will look into it. Kindly generate a ticket at – http://Webkul.Uvdesk.Com
  • Bernhard

    where can I order it? Cant see it in your store or the cs-cart store?

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