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    CS-Cart Vendor KYC

    CS-Cart Vendor KYC: This magnificent add-on helps the store admin to built a process of verifying the vendor’s authentication. This reduces the risk and financial frauds by providing the objective to know your vendor better.


    • Indeed Well integrated with CS-Cart Multivendor.
    • In addition Functionality to upload KYC is available for both admin and vendor.
    • An Automatic mail trigger feature is available on New Vendor Registration.
    • Email template related to a request for KYC upload, acceptance/rejection of KYC by admin and expiry of request mail is available.
    • Also Admin has the option to send upload KYC request to existing vendors.
    • Functionality to resend request related to uploading of KYC is available.
    • Moreover Easy to use and manage at admin end.

    Video Tutorial

    CS-Cart Vendor KYC

    After downloading the CS-Cart Vendor KYC, you’ll get one zip file and install.text. Read the install.text carefully and configure it accordingly.Firstly Go to manage add-ons page. Browse and select the zip file, upload and install.


    Go to “manage add-ons”, upload and install the zip file provided. Click on “manage” to configure the settings as shown below in the snapshot.
    Set the parameters as shown below in snapshot.

    • Firstly Select the status of vendor for which a “kyc” upload request mail will be generated at vendor end.
    • Select the validity period of request mail related to “kyc” upload.
    • Select the status of vendor once the request mail generated gets expired.
    • Finally Click to notify admin regarding the new “kyc” upload from vendor or admin end.

    Option of mail template related to “kyc upload, admin notification, “kyc” acceptance and rejection by admin and expiry of request mail for “kyc” upload.
    mail template

    Vendor end

    Go to “vendor KYC”, click on “KYC” as shown below in snapshot.
    vendor kyc
    Click on “+” to upload “KYC”.
    vendor kyc
    Set the parameters as shown below in the snapshot.

    • Select the “KYC” type from the drop down provided.
    • Enter the name.
    • Enter the”Universal Account Number”.
    • Upload the “KYC” form.

    kyc upload

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    • Here vendor can view the details of log related to “KYC” upload.
    • Click to “download” the “KYC”.


    Admin End

    At admin end, click on “Vendor KYC” to manage it.
    Here admin can view the log of “KYC” provided by the vendor.

    • Click on “+” to upload “KYC” at admin end.
    • Click on thumb provided to accept/reject “KYC” individually.
    • Advance search option provided.

    kyc log

    • Enter the comment in the comment box provided.
    • Click to notify vendor via mail.


    • For bulk accept/reject of “KYC” click “accept selected” and “reject selected”>.
    • To download the “KYC” click “download” as shown below in snapshot.

    kyc download
    Here admin can create and view the list of “KYC” types. Click on “+” to add a type as shown below in snapshot.
    kyc type

    • Enter the name of the type.
    • Click to make the type mandatory.

    kyc type
    Here admin can view the logs of “KYC” uploaded by vendors.
    kyc type

    There is also an option to send KYC Submission request Manually at Admin end. Go to Vendors->Vendors tab. Just select the vendors to whom the request needs to be sent & click on the button provided for sending KYC request as shown below.

    manual upload KYC

    The email will be sent as per the email configuration at admin end.


    For further any query feel free to contact us at

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    Current Product Version - 1.1

    Supported Framework Version - 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x

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    Great solution and the techs are very knowledgeable and helpful. Especially Nishi and Abhishek.
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