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    Create custom option programmatically in magento2

    To create custom options in a product programmatically you need to use following code:


    $values : is an array holds the values for the select type custom option.

    $options: is an array holds multiple custom options.

    Once this code is executed, the custom options of types: field, drop down and multi select are created in your product.


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  • Hardik Makwana
    Without objectmanager how i am create the customizable option programmatically
    • ashutosh srivastava
      without object manager, you need to use the constructor dependency injection for creating the object like this:
      public function __construct(\Magento\Catalog\Model\ProductFactory $productFactory ) {
      $this->_product = $productFactory->create();
  • Gaurav Jain
    Where is this code to be added??
    I want to have custom option applied to all products.
  • Matt Bidas
    Method setHasOptions doesn’t exists in class Product.php on Magento 2.1.1
  • Lucas
    Nice but in which file I should put this code?
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