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    Case Study TrainWorld

    Pre-Order Inventory Management for World’s Best Model Train Store – Trainworld

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Other
    Country United States

    Trainworld is the model train industry that sells model train products around the world. It also enables people to have fun and develop their hobbies.

    Peter Bianco and his wife Aileen Bianco founded it in 1968. It is based in New York. They created train fantasy worlds for generations over the world.

    One of the first model train firms to use social media in their business model was TrainWorld and TrainLand.


    Currently, Trainworld company is a leading multi-channel retail and direct marketing company. It has become the best online model train store and has been in the train industry for 50 years.

    A popular brand for model train sets

    The Model train market is adopting its industry in online platforms with traditional shops. As well as, it forecasts the global market by analyzing overall market data such as trends, restraints, and growth plans.

    Additionally, there are many competitors in the industry. Competitors are Mohawk Valley Railroad, The Red Caboose, Model Train Stuff, and many more.

    Moreover, social media helps many industries to grow in a competitive market. The model Train industry is also adopted the digital world to take over from old generation to young generations.

    Model train product is easily available on different online platform aside from their own website such as

    And many more sites through which you can buy the model train.

    Nowadays, the ratio of the global market is increasing rapidly as in 2022, the global e-commerce market expects to total $5.55 trillion.

    Therefore, it also indicates that trainworld has a good scope for going into the global e-commerce market.

    Currently, Trainworld company is one of the leading multi-channel retail and direct marketing company. It has become the best online model train store and has been in the train industry for 50 years.

    Why are traditional businesses going online?

    In this competitive market, you need an easily manageable platform through which you can manage personal and professional activities.

    An online platform makes it more feasible for getting information and helps to manage from any corner of the world.

    You can rely on the online platform to find any information from any source. You can buy and sell your goods and services from anywhere.

    Moreover, it is very beneficial for all businesses to adopt the online market. As well as the online market provides many opportunities either in the current situation or future situation of the business.


    The online platform provides many benefits and opportunities for business that helps to run business with globally within budget, such as:-

    As well as, it also provides a global audience to run the online store effectively.

    Adobe Commerce Cloud

    There are many e-commerce platforms where you can build your website. As well there is Adobe Commerce Cloud.

    Trainworld uses Adobe Commerce Cloud, which includes various sets of innovations for Adobe Commerce. Now it is more feature-rich and with the best-in-class support from Adobe.

    Webkul has been working since 2010 with Adobe Commerce and innovative miscellaneous Adobe commerce for the marketplace. We are offering full adobe commerce services as we are an Adobe Commerce Development Company. “

    How did Webkul help TrainWorld?

    Ken Bianco from Trainworld, contacted webkul for customization in the pre-order in trainworld. They are looking for custom development as it is built on adobe commerce.

    Ken Bianco wants to allow their customer to buy model trains in advance that is not available in the store. As well as, They want the option for their customers can pay in advance. And gets orders shipped when becoming available.

    Customers can avail of orders in adance with specific tabs for pre-order tab in trainworld.


    Additionally, they have different categories for pre-order products with different models. In each category, there is a number of pre-order products available.


    Furthermore, the Customer can find products from the different categories as per their wish.


    Customers can choose the product which they want to fix as a pre-order. As well, they can proceed to checkout.


    After that, the customer can easily process to checkout for the order.


    Hence, Trainworld wants to make it an easy process to get products when it has available at the store. As well, their customers can pay in advance and book their items to guarantee assured delivery at a time.

    After purchasing the pre-order module, they want a few customizations to require in the same for their store. We assist with the customization of the pre-order product:-

    Moreover, we considered Ken Bianco’s requirement as a priority and customize their requirement with the pre-order.

    Why do we need a pre-order inventory?

    A pre-order is a placed order for a product that not yet release but the information is available at the store. In pre-order, you manage the demand of your client in advance and deliver it later when it is available at the store.

    It is very beneficial to online stores as it helps to measure the demand, generate excitement, and raise funds. That’s why trainworld uses this inventory system for their clients.


    Pre-order is the most effective tool for an online store. As well as, it provides excitement in the audience related to their demand. There are a few things that need to keep in mind such as:-

    However, it’s important to consider the potential risks involved and plan ahead. Pre-order is strategies forgetting engagement is your client. As well as, It helps to have feedback to attract an audience also.

    Why did TrainWorld choose Webkul for its website development?

    Webkul has 11+ years of experience in various sets of innovations in the previous years that were showcased six times in Magento Innovations Lab. It has won various awards for our Adobe Commerce extensions.

    Webkul is known for having a large satisfied customer base. As well as, got selected for the Best Selling Extension Award at Magento Imagine 2018 and 2019. 

    Trainworld uses Adobe Commerce cloud, they choose Webkul as we are a full Adobe Commerce development company and also provide services.

    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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