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Case Study UAE Leading Auction Website Enhancing Its Presence With Webkul

Platform WooCommerce
Industry Other
Country United Arab Emirates
case-studies-image is the leading platform for online auctions from Dubai. Their goal is to establish themselves as a reliable location for several buyers and dealers in the area., a trusted destination for online auctions in the region, is committed to serving thousands of buyers and sellers.

UAE WooCommerce marketplace homepage

The platform fosters a community of trust and mutual respect with a strict code of conduct and a dedicated team of moderators.

This UAE eCommerce marketplace prioritizes customer satisfaction with personalized support and resources for success.

As part of UAE’s thriving business community, remains focused on integrity, innovation, and excellence.

E-commerce in UAE

According to Statista, the global e-commerce market has grown significantly in recent years, reshaping consumer behavior and business models.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), has seen substantial growth in e-commerce, with the UAE expected to reach a market size of $17 billion by 2025.

The country’s economic diversification and high social media activity have contributed to this growth.

Consumer behavior shows an increased demand for transparency and customer experience, with a shift towards everyday e-commerce spending across various sectors.

Why They Enhanced Their Online Presence?

Nowadays, customers from all over the world prefer online whether it is meeting or shopping, so to cross that barrier, an eCommerce website is a must. has found a niche in the market for itself so, they wanted to enhance their online presence for a seamless experience for their customer.

UAE WooCommerce marketplace product page.

Furthermore, found its eCommerce solution in WooCommerce to take their online store and marketplace to the next level.

How Webkul Enhances ?

Webkul is known for developing eCommerce extensions, online businesses set up and customize their customers’ eCommerce platforms.

Additionally, Webkul is an elite author of CodeCanyon, the Deloitte Technology 50 -India winner, and also made it to the Authors’ Hall of Fame.

Webkul’s team had detailed discussions with the team through the UV desk tickets system to understand their needs.

With Webkul’s WooCommerce development services, escalated in enhancing their online websites and took their online store to the next level.

Also, Webkul has 150+ WooCommerce plugins available to handle the growing demands of your customers.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace wanted multiple sellers’ participation on their platform. so, Webkul provided their marketplace plugin to solve their problem.

The Multi-Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce transformed online single-seller store into a marketplace with multiple vendors.

Sellers have their own profiles and can add products through the respective seller panel.

They can manage their profile information, view and edit their product list, track transactions and sales, and interact with the admin.

UAE WooCommerce marketplace become a seller.

The admin has control over product and seller management, commission rates, and settings.

This plugin is user-friendly, requires no technical expertise, and offers unique features. Regular updates ensure continuous improvement.

It is a must-have for WooCommerce shop owners looking to generate extra income effortlessly.

Marketplace Auction for WordPress WooCommerce

Now, as was able to get multiple sellers, it was time for auction and for that Webkul was provided with the WordPress Woocommerce Marketplace Auction plugin.

WooCommerce Marketplace Auction plugin introduced the auction feature to the online marketplace.

It allowed sellers and the admin of to add auction functionality to their products.

Buyers can then place bids on these items. The plugin supports four types of auctions including the following

  • Standard Auctions
  • Incremental Auction
  • Automatic Auctions
  • Reserve Auctions

Which can be added by both the admin and sellers.

With the WooCommerce development team added an Incremental auction feature for their customers.

Auction Product Customization wanted to add the product to their auction faster to do that they wanted a solution to save their time.

Webkul assembled a dedicated team of skilled professionals to tackle’s requirements.

Before Creating the auction was a lengthy process, the seller had to navigate to the “Manage Auction” from the seller dashboard.

WooCommerce marketplace Auction plugin

Then from there, they have to go to Add New Auction.

Auction product list

Then From Add New Auction, add their product.

Add new auction button

But now, the seller can create the auction while creating a new product or editing the existing product.

WooCommerce customization

The WooCommerce development team customized a checkbox option for creating an auction while creating the product.

With this customization, it’s easy for the seller and admin to create products for auction and save time.


Overall, is an online auction that sells everything whether it is fashion-related or home appliances.

Additionally, Woocommerce gave’s customers a seamless online experience with their functionality and customizations.

WooCommerce’s Multi-vendor Marketplace functionality enabled sellers from different profiles to sell their products.

By combining it with the Woocommerce Marketplace auction plugin the sellers and admin can create an auction for their product.

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