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Case Study Saipan

Saipan’s Retail Revolution: Webkul’s Expertise

Platform Odoo
Industry Retail
Country Northern Mariana Islands

Discover how Odoo, in partnership with Webkul, revolutionized Saipan’s retail landscape,

Situated in the Northern Mariana Islands, Saipan’s retail giant, AC Pacific LLC dba Star Sands Plaza “I♥Saipan,” dominates the souvenir, fashion, and treats market. With a diverse customer base comprising 80% tourists and 20% locals, their operation demands efficiency and innovation.

Initial Challenges and Odoo’s Promise

Despite their market dominance, Saipan faced operational hurdles, especially in streamlining processes. Turning to Odoo, they sought a comprehensive solution. However, previous encounters with Odoo providers had left them disillusioned, with promises unfulfilled and resources wasted. Central to their challenges was the need for efficient product label printing, a task hindering their operations.

Webkul’s Role: A Transformational Partnership

In their quest for a reliable solution, Saipan found a trusted partner in Webkul. Struggling with barcode printing post-upgrade, they turned to Webkul for assistance. Webkul’s expertise shone through as they introduced the “Odoo Print Product Label Directly Via Zebra Printer” plugin, revolutionizing Saipan’s label printing process. Customizing the module to handle mass label printing, Webkul ensured seamless operations for Saipan’s warehouse.

Unlocking Efficiency: Saipan’s Success Story

Collaborating with Webkul not only resolved Saipan’s initial challenges but also boosted their operational efficiency. This success narrative underscores the transformative impact of customized solutions and expert guidance. By harnessing Odoo’s capabilities with Webkul’s expertise, Saipan navigated complex obstacles and emerged as a beacon of retail excellence in Saipan’s landscape.

Conclusion: A Testament to Innovation

Saipan’s journey with Odoo and Webkul exemplifies innovation’s power in overcoming business obstacles, setting a precedent for retail success in the digital age with Odoo and Webkul paving the way for continued growth and excellence.

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