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Case Study Nikko Electronics

Nikko Electronics: UK Online Retailer Syncs Multiple eBay Stores With Adobe Commerce Store

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Electronics
Country United Kingdom

Nikko Electronics is an electronics company from the UK that has been working for over four decades.

It provides high-quality electronic parts and components with excellence and innovation.


Their products include transistors, voltage regulators, relays, electrolytic capacitors, resistors, modules, sensors, switches, and many more.

Nikko Electronics serves several industries like Automotive and Transportation, Telecommunications, Aerospace and Defense, and many more.

Magento Development Services helped Nikko expand its operations and sales to multiple online sources simultaneously along with its Adobe Commerce store.

Online Electronic Parts and Components Retail in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to a variety of online retailers specializing in electronic components.

According to Statista, the Electronic Products & Components market in the UK is expected to reach US$11.40bn in 2024 with an annual growth rate of 2.84% (CAGR 2024–2028).


These retailers offer a wide range of products, from basic passive components like resistors and capacitors to transistors and integrated circuits.

Online retailers provide detailed information on each product, showing specifications, characteristics, and performance.

In conclusion, online retailers in the UK provide a valuable service for individuals and businesses looking for electronic components.

They make it easier than ever to source the components you need for your electronic projects.

Challenges Ahead Of Nikko

As Nikko Electronics wanted to establish an e-commerce presence, they faced the challenge of managing their online sales channels.

With the increasing demand for their products, they wanted to simplify their operations and increase their sales from platforms like eBay.

However, managing multiple eBay accounts simultaneously while ensuring smooth integration with their Magento 2 store was challenging.

Multi eBay Account Connector

Multi eBay Account Connector for Magento 2 linked with Nikko Electronics’ Magento 2 store, providing them with a platform to manage their eBay listings, orders, and inventory.


With this module, the admin connected multiple eBay stores with the Magento 2 store.

The extension allowed Nikko Electronics to sync product listings, update inventory in real-time, and process orders efficiently across multiple eBay accounts.

This enabled Nikko Electronics to manage product listings, inventory, and orders from a single interface.


Webkul’s Multi eBay Account Connector played a key role in helping Nikko Electronics overcome the challenges with multi-channel selling.

By providing a smooth integration, the extension enabled Nikko Electronics to simplify operations and increase sales across various online channels.

With Webkul’s solution, Nikko Electronics fulfilled its commitment to providing excellence and innovation in the electronics industry.

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