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    Case Study Jesco

    Jesco – Custom API Development to Sync WooCommerce Online Shop Data with Pimcore

    Platform Pimcore
    Industry Electronics
    Country Belgium

    Jesco is a company that distributes and supplies catering refrigeration, refrigeration technology, air conditioning, heat pumps, and equipment. In a nutshell, everything a skilled refrigeration technician needs.

    Because of their reputation and many years of expertise, they are currently the exclusive distributor of a number of high-quality products.

    Furthermore, they provide a broad range of expert refrigeration services. Jesco can meet all of your catering, air conditioning, and technical cooling requirements.

    They are able to assist our consumers in a matter of hours due to large stock and our own transportation service.


    Why did Jesco go from a physical to an online store?

    It takes time to establish a good reputation. Jesco has created a reputable name in the business through word of mouth over the years.

    They continually provide great service to their consumers in every transaction, no matter how big or little.

    Jesco is searching for a platform to help them expand their business. Because of WordPress’s exceptional scalability, the site may expand in tandem with the business.

    It is feasible to add hundreds of pages to the site without affecting its speed in any way.

    As a result, WordPress is an excellent platform for organizations that expect to develop rapidly in the future.

    Jesco’s Reasons for Using WooCommerce Online Shop

    Jesco is looking for a platform to establish their online shop on.

    WooCommerce is a free and as well as open eCommerce platform.

    The key advantage of using WooCommerce development services is that it is a totally configurable eCommerce platform for businesses that is available globally.

    The key benefit of WooCommerce development is that it is extremely lightweight and simple to run on shared and VPS hosting.


    How did Jesco find the Solution with Webkul Pimcore WooCommerce Connector?

    By using the Webkul Pimcore WooCommerce Connector, Jesco was able to cut down on time and as well as improve speed to market.

    It offers an easy-to-use interface for import and export, as well as automatic catalog updates.

    What is Pimcore?

    The Pimcore platform is ideal for businesses looking to connect across multiple channels, including commerce, retail, marketplaces, content management systems, and more.

    Pimcore is built on the Symfony framework, which is the most powerful and up-to-date PHP framework.

    Pimcore has its own architecture as well. Component-Based Development — Because Pimcore is built on top of Symfony, the development environment is very similar.

    Webkul is well-known for its eCommerce and marketplace expertise. We’re also the leading developer of PIM connectors and a Pimcore Development Services provider.


    Pimcore WooCommerce Integration 

    The solution allows them to connect the Pimcore platform with the WooCommerce store for product information management.

    This integration allows catalog managers to export products, categories as a custom collection, product pictures, and as well as metadata from Pimcore to WooCommerce.

    This interface can use to transfer category and as well as product fields from Pimcore to WooCommerce.


    WooCommerce Product Attachment Customization

    As per their requirements, they need a product attachment feature. Furthermore, they intend to improve the customer’s purchasing experience with product attachments.

    On the product page, they’ll find all the information they need right away.

    However, we made the customization for the product attachment feature and for showing the data on the product page in the tab as mentioned in the screenshot. 


    Webkul’s Contribution to Jesco Problem-Solving

    The Pimcore WooCommerce Connector was bought by Jesco.

    They had a few customization requests after purchasing the module. We provided the best customization available to enable them to achieve the functionality they desired. 
    We give certain custom filters for exporting items from Pimcore to WooCommerce.

    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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