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    Case Study NagaGo

    NagaGo – Multilingual Southeast Asia Shopping Marketplace Development

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Retail
    Country Cambodia

    NagaGo caters to consumers who are increasingly seeking higher-quality products and shopping experiences. It has partners with a number of global and Chinese brands and retailers to have a presence on the eCommerce platform.

    www.nagago.com_store-images is working on the Magento 2 Multivendor marketplace. This is a multilingual and multivendor store. 

    Cambodia Market Size for E-commerce Marketplace

    Cambodia’s e-commerce (also known as electronic commerce) is expectes to boom. The rate of economic growth in the Kingdom, the legal structure, and increased customer acceptance of the digital market all show growth in recent years.

    Let’s talk about figures, in 2021 the eCommerce market of Cambodia t is expected to generate $222 million in revenue. Revenue is estimated to grow at a 9.0% annual rate (CAGR 2021-2025). Culminating in a market capitalization of Approximately313 a million by 2025.
    As we know fashion is the largest market segment. It shows ith an estimated value of us$77 million in 2021.

    The above source of information is from B2Bcambodia.

    Covid 19 and Cambodia eCommerce

    cq5dam.web_.1280.1280Since the outbreak of COVID-19, orders have increased by almost 180 percent as people have turned to shopping online and limiting their movements to prevent the illness from spreading.

    NagaGo and its Mobile Application for the E-Commerce Store

    Nowadays mobile application is very vital for any e-store. As it makes everything handy for users. Searching for products till placing orders and checking updates everything becomes very handy. 

    As our client has reviewed for Webkul ” We are using the Magento 2 System, and Webkul is one of the best partner and Extension Providers of Magento. We’ve been using their extensions for a long time, and we are happy working with them!”

    Therefore NagaGo has joined hands with Webkul for a mobile application for their use.

    nagaGo Homepage

    image 2

    Multilingual and multi-store marketplace application

    The mobile application for NagaGo is a multi-store application. It supports the different stores, currencies, and languages.

    Here one customer account can be shared among all the store that NagaGo have.



    The application currency can be selected as per the requirement of the customer. Along with this, each store is supported by multiple languages.



    The mobile application is created for both platforms android and Ios both.

    The product customization and layout pages are customized as per the requirement and view look of the NagaGo.

    nagaGo Menu


    The product page of NagaGo is customizing according to the requirements. The Mobile application gets update with the new categories. The mobile application getting supportable to the day mode and the dark mode theme. 

    Along with this, the notification-like deals of the day are supported with the banner images. 



    The product page gets customization with the notification. If any product is out of stock then the notification is sent when it is available. The customize product feature is also get add to the mobile application. Here the customer can select the size, color, and quantity for the same.



    While proceeding with the purchase the coupon code and discount feature functionality are added to the application. Some informative customization like “You can only checkout IN STOCK Product” are also done by Webkul. Additional functions like empty cart, update cart, and continue shopping are also there.



    After that, moving to continue and pay the user will select any online payment method. Here the cash payment option is not desireable by the company.

    ship to

    place order

    Words from client

    The words from NagaGo for Webkul “The team has been providing great support to the client. Webkul understands how the Magento system works and uses this knowledge to provide great service to the client. They also take the time to discuss any functions or modifications with the internal team, making for a collaborative workflow.”

    The service is good, the team provides very good support. Their team work together, and always discuss with the client for some functions or modifies, and they work together with other team internally and it’s efficient.
    Zé Yáng Huáng
    Product Manager, NagaGo
    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]
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    It works now, very happy, Webkul is always willing to help wherever they need to, their customer service is out of this world.
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