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    Case Study Mercurius Jewelers

    Mercurius Jewelers – Jewellery & Watches shop

    Platform PrestaShop
    Industry Retail
    Country Netherlands

    Mercurius Jewelers has been a trusted address in Assen for almost 25 years. After being located in the Mercurius shopping center for almost 20 years, the store can still be found at 44 Ceresstraat in Assen.

    The employees of Mercurius Jewelers together have more than 50 years of experience in the jewelery industry, previously as an importer, wholesaler and therefore also as a jeweler for almost 25 years. As a result, there is a lot of in-house knowledge in all areas of the industry. The level of service is something that is always a top priority at Mercurius Jewelers.

    For example, we aim to have your repairs ready for you within 10 working days. Small repairs such as putting on a new clasp on your bracelet, shortening watch straps or installing batteries is even ready while you wait or ready for you when you pick it up after shopping in Assen. Also, engraving inscriptions in an article that you have purchased at Mercurius Jewelers is always FREE.


    In short, Mercurius Jewelers is the perfect store for you if you are looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery, a watch, clock or barometer and even beautiful occasions.

    What Is a POS and Why Does Your Business Need One?

    Today a Point of Sale system has become an essential part of every modern business. A growing percentage of the stores that have adopted POS systems have experienced positive growth in their business.
    Take a look at some of the top reasons why you must invest in a POS system for your store

    1. POS Makes your business more credible
    2. Saves Time
    3. Optimize the checkout process
    4. Improves Customer Experience

    How does Webkul’s Team Help Mercurius Jewelers to use PrestaShop POS System?

    Mercurius Jewelers was looking forward to integrate POS system in their eshop.
    Therefore, they contacted Webkul for their POS and raised some customization requirements they needed in the Webkul’s POS System module.

    Customization Request made to Webkul.

    1- Search for customers by zip code in POS
    2- Our customer does not only sell products (or buy products from clients) but they also do repairs for watched or other jewels. These repairs are paid after it is done. So is it possible to add an ‘open order’ that will be paid later (can be several days)?

    After a quick discussion regarding the above points with “M Beukers”, we finally came up with a very user friendly workflow that “M Beukers” liked and given a green flag to proceed.

    Here is the glimpse of our work.


    This was our very first project with Mercurius Jewelers and our business partnership did not just stop here. We shared more work with each other.

    What Results did Mercurius Jewelers get From Webkul

    The client was very happy and satisfied with Webkul’s support and the services provided to him. Now they can conveniently create orders in their offline stores hassle free.

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