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    Case Study Mayura

    Mayura – Beauty & Health Products Digital Marketplace Built to Empower South Asian Entrepreneurs

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Retail
    Country Cambodia

    Mayura’s is a Beauty Products Marketplace that believes in bettering human lives through economic empowerment and opportunity

    They provide “economic empowerment and opportunity creation” for both sellers and shoppers.

    Mayura, which means “peacock” in Khmer and Sanskrit, is utilizing a multi-channel sales technique to provide clients with an integrated purchasing experience.

    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace

    Moroever, Mayura’s mission is to create opportunities through economic empowerment. We live out our mission by helping entrepreneurs and small business owners build sustainable e-commerce businesses.

    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace

    E-commerce in Cambodia

    Cambodia’s e-commerce is expected to boom. The rate of economic growth in the Kingdom, the legal structure, and increased customer acceptance of the digital market all show growth in recent years.

    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace

    Mobile eCommerce in Cambodia has enjoyed fast growth over the past few years. Likewise, Mobile internet access is affordable, with costs below the global average, and about 50% of Cambodians own a smartphone.

    Smartphone adoption is growing at a fast pace. Mobile money transfer options have grown rapidly in popularity, even in the countryside.

    Hence, Transactions for online shopping are made through mobile money transfers in this limited credit card market.

    In short, Both homegrown and international ride-hailing apps have been booming in urban areas, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanouk Ville.

    How does Webkul help Mayura?

    Webkul is an expert in building e-commerce applications on multiple platforms with 11 years of experience and Webkul is an Adobe Solution Partner.

    Mr.Karouna LO contacted Webkul as he was looking for a Beauty & Health Products Marketplace.

    Hence, the Webkul team understood the client’s requirements and then suggested the Multi-Vendor Marketplace App from Magento 2 as per the client’s requirements.

    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace

    Sellers Profile Page

    Seller profile pages show information about the sellers & their products that have been added to the Marketplace.

    Here a customer can check the seller’s collection, add any of the seller’s products to his wish list or add them to the cart for purchasing.

    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace

    By using the Magento eCommerce Marketplace Mobile App Mayura customers no longer need to have a laptop or desktop. As they can easily explore the store through their smartphones.

    Mayura and its E-Commerce Mobile Application

    Mobile applications are used by businesses and customers. People in India use mobile phones in ways they never have before.

    Moroever, People wish to save time so they can use it for other things. Mobile apps have unique features that improve the flexibility of the services you deliver to your clients.

    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace
    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace
    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace

    They also have user interfaces and experience. They attract clients and increase customer engagement by providing an interface for improved navigation.

    The faster processing of mobile apps enhances the product’s efficiency and productivity for the consumer.

    As a result, businesses require mobile applications since people use mobile cellphones with the Technology, Innovation, and Communication philosophy.

    Above all, the Mayura application is created for both platforms android and ios.

    Mayura with the mobile Application?

    Webkul is an expert in mobile application development. Webkul adopted the latest technologies to improve the customer experience with the mobile application.

    The mobile application experience has improved over the last few years with the latest design adoption.

    Due to these factors, Mayura Beauty Products Marketplace chose Webkul to build its mobile application.

    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace
    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace
    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace

    Mr. Karouna LO approached Webkul since he wanted a native app, Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace App. He already had a website and shared his needs with the Webkul team.

    Adobe Commerce Cloud

    Moreover, Mayura uses Adobe Commerce Cloud, which includes many sets of innovations for Adobe Commerce. Now it is more feature-rich and comes with the best-in-class support from Adobe.

    Webkul has been working since 2010 with Adobe Commerce and has innovative commerce for the marketplace. We are offering full adobe commerce services as we are an Adobe Commerce Development Company.

    Home & Category Page of Mobile App

    The homepage would be the face, it is the area where people notice at first glance and make their basic judgments about your app.

    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace
    Beauty & Health Products Marketplace

    Mayura Checkout Process

    In Mayura Marketplace, checkout is the method of activity that a client does to buy the items in their shopping cart.

    Mayura provides customers to checkout with products in an easy way. Moroever at a time you can checkout only one seller’s products. The remaining other products will be save in your cart.

    Future Expansion of Mayura

    When it comes to the future, the Mayura has various large goals. “They wanted to start small and work with trusted providers, and this has been crucial to our success.” “Establishing trust.”

    Hence, when it comes to future growth and expansion, this marketplace is looking both nationally and regionally.

    “While we will technically deliver anyplace,” Mayura says, “we are now exclusively in the five richest provinces.” We intend to be present in all 24 provinces of Cambodia in the short term.”

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