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    Case Study Skin Juice NZ

    How Skin Juice NZ Integrates Shopify And Salesforce To Automate The Process Of Synchronization?

    Platform Salesforce
    Industry Cosmetics
    Country Australia

    The success story of Skin Juice NZ that how eShopSync for Shopify helped integrate Shopify and Salesforce.

    Skin Juice NZ operates as Skin Juice as it did in 1996. However, after more than 25 years of skin-to-skin juice experience, they improved and learned a lot. They have a family-run firm that designs and manufactures all of its goods in Australia. Most of them were still mixed daily in Beresfield, New South Wales juice lab.

    To assure the quality of each bottle, tub, and tube, we continue to employ the purest, most nutrient-dense natural ingredients, which they prepared in small amounts.

    And what do we hold dear? Amazing discoveries in botanical science and the complex process of developing a skincare routine that delivers results. But it smells nice. I feel great and make the earth, as well as your skin, smile. The future holds so much promise for us and you, our Skin Juicers, and we can’t wait to see it. They were so glad that they can keep the enjoyable self-care in their daily life.

    Requirements Raised By Skin Juice NZ 

    1. Integrate Shopify with Salesforce for a smooth process
    2. Sync data on a real-time basis 
    3. Installation and configuration of the connector
    4. Easy to sync Historical data as well
    5. Get deep insights to know the specific area of work.

    Problem Overview

    Skin Juice NZ decides to grow its Shopify eCommerce store while simultaneously managing it with Salesforce CRM. They currently manually add records from their Shopify account to their Salesforce account. For synchronizing the data, much time was required. Additionally, this causes incorrect or duplicate data records, which yields inaccurate insights. So they choose to get in touch with a Salesforce ISV partner company.

    Webkul and Skin Juice NZ are now connected to fulfill the requirements. Skin Juice NZ got the solution “eShopSync for Shopify” via Webkul. It facilitates automatic, real-time data syncing between Shopify and Salesforce CRM. Additionally, the connector prevents them from entering inaccurate or duplicate data. 

    Program/Activity Description

    To expand the business, they require an automated way to sync their data so that they can focus on business things easily. The requirement was fulfilled when they integrate Shopify and Salesforce to automate the synchronization process of data. They choose Webkul to fulfill their business requirements as they are a registered ISV partner of Salesforce, Salesforce Ridge (Silver) consulting partner, and also AppExchange Crest (Gold) partner.

    They got solutions from certified experts whom they can trust on. This way they got a great solution for their needs that saves their time and the cost of manual effort. The team works together to deliver successful results so that one more happy client will be added to the list. The consultant team is here to assist whenever they rush into an issue.

    If there are any other requirements to be done in the connector to integrate Shopify and Salesforce; then it first got checked through the developer. If the raised requirements are approved by the developer then it can be done when you bought that customization.


    Program/Activity Outcomes

    Skin Juice NZ integrate Shopify and Salesforce with the help of eShopSync for Shopify connector that they ended up with the following results:

    1. Saves time
    2. Save the cost of manual efforts
    3. More reliability and consistency
    4. Automates the process of synchronizing data
    5. Updates data on a real-time basis
    6. Easy to manage the relationship with customers and business
    7. More focus on Business process
    8. Get specific insights that helped to know the specific area lacking
    9. One Dashboard for everything
    10. Increases the percentage of changing opportunities into leads.


    After getting the solution that fulfilled Skin Juice NZ’s business needs, they can focus on business things instead of synchronizing data manually. When they integrate Shopify and Salesforce using the eShopSync for Shopify connector; they can easily add product variants. Also, the data can be synced using field mapping, record type mapping, and matching criteria options. This makes the sync process easier and faster. If you also have similar requirements then you can connect with a certified Salesforce consultant team.

     Additional Information

    Make sure to include the following:

    1. Client: Skin Juice NZ 
    2. Industry: Beauty and Health
    3. Website: 

    Get the eShopSync for Shopify from

    You can buy the connector directly from the links mentioned above. Then go through the user guide to integrate Shopify and Salesforce to sync data on a real-time basis. This guide helps you to install and set up the connector without facing any issues. 

    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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