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Case Study Grow Generation

Grow Generation: US-based Hydroponic Supplier Simplifying Product Management Process

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Other
Country United States

GrowGeneration is the largest supplier in the USA that offers a vast product range, including organic nutrients, advanced lighting, and hydroponic equipment.


Additionally, GrowGeneration is a leading hydroponics supplier with 50+ retail and distribution centers in the US.

With strategic partnerships, direct-to-farm delivery, and equipment financing, they cater to both commercial and home growers.

Their Omni-Channel e-commerce platform,, features 10,000+ products and a dedicated customer service team.

Later they found the Magento 2 development services they were looking for for their website.

eCommerce in the USA

According to ECDB, eCommerce in the United States is second only to the predicted revenue of US$1,064,290.8 million by 2024, surpassing the United Kingdom.


It is anticipated that the revenue will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2028) of 7.4%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$1,415,925.7 million by 2028.

This growth is expected to contribute to the worldwide growth rate of 10.4% in 2024, with an anticipated increase of 8.5%.

ECDB identifies seven markets within the U.S. eCommerce market, with fashion accounting for the largest market share at 21.2% of the U.S. eCommerce revenue.

Followed by electronics at 20.6%, hobby & leisure at 20.1%, DIY at 11.1%, furniture & homeware at 10.8%, care products at 9.0%, and grocery at 7.2%.

Additionally, global eCommerce sales are also expected to rise over the coming years, mirroring trends in the United States.

Challenges Faced by GrowGeneration

GrowGeneration was facing challenges in enhancing its online presence and managing product information efficiently.

The company needed a solution that would streamline their product grid management and improve overall user experience.

How Webkul Helped GrowGeneration?

GrowGeneration found its eCommerce solution in Webkul, a leading provider of e-commerce solutions

Webkul had a detailed discussion with GrowGeneration through the UVdesk ticket system, where they shared their requirement.

Webkul provided GrowGeneration with a Product Grid Editor extension for their Magento 2 store.

Product Grid Editor for Magento 2

Product Grid Editor for Magento 2 is an essential extension for store administrators seeking to simplify their product grid management.


This powerful extension offers a range of key features designed to enhance efficiency.

The extension allows the admin to edit both default and custom product attributes directly on the product grid.


This eliminates the need to navigate through multiple pages.

The extension empowers administrators to sort the grid by default product attributes and custom product attribute columns.


This enables them to organize and access product information with ease.

Admin can customize the grid layout by dragging and dropping both default product attributes and custom attribute columns.

This gives them the flexibility to arrange the grid according to their preferences.


The Product Grid Editor for Magento 2 simplifies the process of creating duplicate products.

This allows the store admin to generate new products with just one click, saving valuable time and effort.


GrowGeneration found its eCommerce solution in Webkul, a company known for setting up businesses and building extensions.

Webkul’s Product Grid Editor for Magento 2 extension provided GrowGeneration with a comprehensive solution to manage their product grid efficiently.

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