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BigCommerce Etsy Integration User Guide

Updated 15 April 2024


If you are looking for an application that helps you to integrate BigCommerce and Etsy to sync the data then you are at the right place. Our expert team is here with an application BigCommerce Etsy Integration to fulfill your business requirements.

In this user guide, we will help you with BigCommerce and Etsy integration. Using this application, you can seamlessly sync your products from BigCommerce to Etsy and sync your orders from Etsy to BigCommerce.

Features Of BigCommerce Etsy Integration

  1. You can easily sync all your products from BigCommerce to Etsy.
  2. Admin can do bulk and selective sync from BigCommerce to Etsy.
  3. The admin can sync orders from Etsy to BigCommerce.
  4. The inventory will be synced while syncing products from BigCommerce to Etsy.

Important Points to Keep In Mind

  1. You must mention the product weight greater than “0”.
  2. Turn On the “Track Inventory” option under the “BigCommerce Manage Products” to sync the products to the Etsy end.
  3. The sync will not work if there are missing mandatory fields. It will show you the error mark and when you hover over the mark it will show you the message regarding missing information.
1 Important mandatory points for BigCommerce Etsy Integration application.
  1. To manage the products, product variants, SKU, inventory, and price must have some values under the BigCommerce product variants to sync from BigCommerce to Etsy.
2 missing mandatory information in products in BigCommerce Etsy Integration

The Flow Of Installation And Configuration Of BigCommerce Etsy Integration

App Settings:

For the BigCommerce Etsy Integration application settings, you have to do the following configuration steps

  1. Go to the App Settings
  2. Then click on the General Settings
  3. On the right side, you will see the button “Authentication Etsy Account/Shop”. Click on it to authenticate your Etsy Shop and connect it with this application.
4 General-Setting-BigCommerce Etsy Integration
  1. Now, you will see a page where you have to Sign in to your Etsy Account/shop to continue.
5 Sign in to Etsy account to authenticate.
  1. Now click on the Grant Access button to continue.
6 Grant access for Etsy-authentication
  1. If the shop is connected successfully then it redirects you to the application General Settings page.
  2. After that, you will see the message saying “Etsy Shop Authenticated successfully”.
7 Etsy account authenticated
  1. Go to the Shop Setting from the left navigational panel.
  2. Click on the Sync button to sync the Etsy Shops
  3. Then select the Etsy Shop that you want to sync with your BigCommerce account.
  4. Click on the Save Changes button to continue.
8 Shop Settings of BigCommerce Etsy Integration application
  1.  After this, go to the Other Settings option.
  2. Configure the settings as per your requirements.
9 Other Settings in BigCommerce Etsy integration

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Note:- You have to create the shipping profile on the Etsy account end. You must set the fixed shipping profile not a calculated shipping profile.

Here is the guide for creating the shipping profile on Etsy.

Category Mapping:

Open the Category Mapping and then map the BigCommerce Category to Etsy Category and click the Save button.

10 Category Mapping in BigCommerce Etsy Integration

Category Mapping List:

Here you will see the list of categories mapped under Category Mapping. Now you can easily sync the products according to the mapped categories.

You can also delete the mapped categories using the action button.

11 Category Mapping List in BigCommerce Etsy Integration

Products View in BigCommerce Etsy Integration:

Now go to the Products tab, here click on the sync button to sync your products from BigCommerce to Etsy. The products synced to Etsy will be shown on the same page.

The admin can sync bulk or selective products. The inventory will be synced automatically, whenever the product (quantity) gets sold either it gets sold on Etsy or BigCommerce.

Note:- In case a product won’t sync to the Etsy end; you will be able to see an error notification showing the reason for not syncing.

12 Products view in BigCommerce Etsy Integration

Orders View in BigCommerce Etsy Integration:

Click the Orders tab and then click on the Sync button to sync orders from Etsy to BigCommerce. The orders synced to BigCommerce will be shown on the same page.

The order gets synced at the BigCommerce end with a new ID, Whenever an order gets placed by the user on the Etsy store. It also has a corresponding Etsy order ID which helps you to identify it easily.

Note:- In case an order won’t sync to the BigCommerce end; you will be able to see an error notification showing the reason for not syncing.

13 Orders view in BigCommerce Etsy Integration


For any support or assistance, you can contact Webkul.

14 Support connect with Webkul

Etsy End View

Product View on Etsy End:

By default, all the products will get synced with the draft status you can activate the products as required.

15 Product view at Etsy End
16 Product variation at Etsy end

Order View on Etsy End :

Synced order view at Etsy end.

17 Orders view at Etsy End


This is all about BigCommerce Etsy integration. If you have any doubts or require any customization, connect with our support team for BigCommerce by creating a ticket at

. . .

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