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Guide for Akeneo Icecat App

Updated 20 March 2024

Akeneo Icecat App allows you to supplement Akeneo PIM product data with the extensive Icecat catalog.

It works with an open, icecat-free catalog. This app can only accommodate simple products.

Also, the Akeneo Shopify App helps to export/import product data from Shopify to the Akeneo app.


  • EAN attribute and product code will be used to match Icecat products via their web API.
  • Only simple products are supported by Akeneo Icecat App.
  • You can modify the icecat attribute type during attribute import under the Icecat attribute type mapping tab.
  • In this Akeneo PIM attributes must also be mapped to Icecat features.
  • Akeneo products will enrich via running a product enrich job.
  • In this, you can map Icecat common attributes like Ean, Product code, Vendor (Brand), Name, Description, Short description, Summary description, Short summary description, and Pictures with Akeneo attribute through UI.
  • Icecat Akeneo App is compatible with the latest Akeneo version 7.0.x
  • In this, you can also do other Icecat feature mapping to map other Icecat feature attributes with the Akeneo attribute.
  • You can also map the Icecat locale with the Akeneo locale.

How to Connect Icecat App?

After you have searched for the Akeneo Icecat app in your Akeneo app store, tap the connect button.


After tapping the Connect button, on the page that appears, tap the Allow and Next buttons to proceed further.

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Now, agree to the app’s privacy policy and terms and conditions,, and tap the Allow and Next button.


Thereafter, provide the access permissions to the category trees, including – Catgeory, Locale, Attribute Group, and others, and then tap the Next button after that.

Note: These app permissions appear in the case of Akeneo EE edition users only.


Now, confirm the access and tap the Confirm button.


After the permissions section, the app will be connected, and on the app page, you can see the notification for a 7-day trial period.


Now, the user can see the Akeno Icecat app connected, and to open it tap the Open App button.


Akeneo App Flow Management:

To manage the Akeneo Icecat App, tap the Manage App button.


Here, for the flow type, you need to select the Other type.

Note: You must select the Data Source flow type in the Growth, Flexibility, and Serenity editions.

How to Purchase a Plan?

After opening the Akeneo Icecat App, you will be redirected to the plan purchase page as shown below.


After that, the user is redirected to PayPal to make the payment for the plan.


Now, after the successful payment, the user is redirected to the plan page with the activated plan for use.


Setup Credential: Akeneo Icecat App

Note: You must first create a profile on Icecat’s end, where you must provide all of your information, including your username, password, and email address.

To set up a credential, you have to click on the icon on the Icecat app.

After that, it will take you to a new page where you must fill in the information you entered in Icecat, such as:

  • Icecat username
  • Icecat password

Set Attribute Group: All the imported attributes from Icecat will be mapped in the selected attribute group.

Locale Mapping:

In this section, you can map Akeneo local to Icecat local.


Icecat Common Attributes Mapping

You must map your Akeneo attributes to the Icecat attributes so that they can sync properly and no errors occur while importing data from Icecat to Akeneo.

You have to map the following attributes:

  • EAN attribute
  • Product code
  • Vendor (Brand)
  • Name
  • Title
  • Description attribute
  • Short description attribute
  • Short summary description attribute
  • Pictures attribute
  • Summary description attribute

Icecat Other Attribute Mapping

Important :

Prior to the Icecat property being added, You must first perform the features mapping job before adding the Icecat attribute.

Feature Mapping Job

Navigate to Import>>Create Import Profile and follow these steps to do this. Next, enter the necessary information, including the code, label, and job type (Features Mapping).


After that, click the Save button. Then, to start the execution process, click Import Now.


After completing the job, you’ll be able to see the imported Icecat attributes in a drop-down menu and select the attribute that best suits your needs.

Then you have to map the Icecat attributes with Akeneo attributes, in which the value will be imported.


Icecat attribute type mapping

In this you can add a new Icecat attribute that is imported from Icecat then you can map that attribute with the Akeneo attribute type.

If you map the attribute type, the attribute from Icecat will be imported in the chosen attribute type to Akeneo.

If you don’t map the attribute type, the attribute will be imported according to the Icecat attribute type.


After you’ve mapped an attribute, you’ll need to create an import attribute job in Akeneo to import the attribute you’ve mapped.


Then click on the Icecat attribute to the import tab and select the attribute which you have mapped to import in Akeneo.


Click the Save button after you’ve picked the attribute.


Then, to start the work of importing attributes, click the import button.


You can see the attributes in the Akeneo attribute once the import procedure is complete.

Create a Simple Product

You can also create a simple product in Akeneo. Therefore, navigate to Products. Then click the  Create button.

To create a simple product click on the simple product.


Enter the SKU, choose a family, then click the Save button as per the below image.

This SKU will be filled with the product that you want to import from Icecat to Akeneo.


Then add the value EAN as SKU in Akeneo


After that click to Save. Then the product will be created on Akeneo.

Note – The Vendor (Brand) and EAN/SKU must then be made mandatory.


After that, assigning a product to a certain category is required, as is importing data for that category of products.


Then click on the save button.

If you’ve entered an Icecat EAN number as an SKU in Akeneo, you’ll need to map product code to EAN in attribute mapping, as illustrated in the figure below.

Import Jobs

In this Icecat Akeneo Connector, there are three types of import jobs.

  • Features Mapping
  • Import Attribute
  • Enrich Product

Now to import and enrich Akeneo PIM product data with the rich Icecat catalog you have to create an import job for that navigate to Import>>Create Import Profile.

Then after clicking on create Import Profile it will redirect you to the new page in which you have to fill in details like:

  • Code
  • Label
  • Job

After that click on Save then go to the Content section and select your channel & locales.

Then you can use various filters for deciding which products to import.

Therefore you can even import some specific products using their SKU values using commas for more than one SKU.


After that, click on Global setting in this you can do two things:

  • Enable/Disable Download Image
  • Fallback locale

Then click Save to save your changes, then Import, and wait for the product execution process to finish.


When the import process is complete, the product data is filled in.



This was all about the Akeneo Icecat App. I hope you have the idea of our app. Thanks for taking the time in reading this blog.

And also, please don’t forget to share your feedback and suggestions under the comment box given below.

Moreover, If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to add a ticket to our HelpDesk system or reach out to us at [email protected].

Current Product Version - 1.0.2

Supported Framework Version - 6. x & 7. x

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