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15 December 2018

Symfony India Meetup 2018

Symfony India Meetup 2018

First Symfony India Meetup: 2018

Unexpected presence from Indian Symfony community appeared together at very first Symfony India Meetup 2018 on 15 Dec 2018 organized by an enthusiastic team of Webkul!

The event was strongly focused on Symfony as a framework and it’s cutting-edge benefits to eCommerce. The event marked the milestone with an outstanding session led by experts on the specified topic.

No one believed that this meetup got such type of good response from attendees. This event was open to all developers from various PHP frameworks, business enthusiasts, eCommerce merchants, and startups.

All attendees got a notepad, pen and some stickers from the entrance and grab their seats. All were quite eager to discover the latest about Symfony with famous speakers Fabien Potencier spoke remotely about “What’s new in Symfony 4”

Apart from this, there were furthermore guest speakers Kamil Kokot, Software Engineer at Sylius, and Wojtek Krzyzowski, Business Solution Architect at Oro Inc also spoke on Symfony.


This meetup was hosted by Shubham Mehrotra, he started with the Webkul introduction and shared the entire agenda along with Webkul achievements from last year in the meetup.


There was an announcement by Shubham about to grab the chance to win 100% discount coupon code from Jet brains who tweet maximum about meetup at the end.

Some of the topics on which the speakers spoke were mentioned below:


  • Where PHP community is heading?
  • Introduction to Symfony, Why Symfony
  • Using Symfony to overcome eCommerce challenges
  • How does Symfony help businesses that aren’t entirely web oriented?

Building Platforms in Symfony

  • Appointment Scheduling Software [Booking Commerce]
  • Building Integrations [Akeneo PIM Connectors]
  • Customer Support [UVDesk Helpdesk]
  • Building CRM [OroCRM]
  • eCommerce Framework [Sylius]

Migration from Symfony 3 to Symfony 4

  • Micro-service vs Monolithic
  • Unit Testing
  • Async Operation

How flexible can a Symfony application be when it comes to integrating with other tools?

  • Integrations [Node (Socket), JS (PWA, Native), Analytics (Kibana, etc…), Flex (Automated package configs.)]
  • Business usage of PIM in the eCommerce ecosystem

Finally, the event started with the topic “A Moment With PHP” by Saurav Pathak.

He shared the information about the journey with PHP, what PHP did?, What’s going wrong with PHP and Where PHP community is heading?

After that, Webkul developers who worked on Symfony also shared their views, exchanged their ideas and talked about code, architecture, and innovation with Symfony. 

List of sponsors, guest speakers and the pics of attractive goodies made the Indian audience so curious and excited to be the part of Symfony India Meetup 2018.

We were broadcasting this meetup live on YouTube so that more and more people can get in touch with us to be part of this meetup.

After a great presentation by Saurav Pathak, we had moved towards to next talk by Nikhil Malik.

Nikhil Malik brought the topic “Symfony 4 best Practices and Components” into the limelight and explained Symfony 4 is a step extended in the direction of providing easiness and automation to its developers.


After this knowledgeable and well-described explanation, we had another more informatic talk from Jitendra Singh.

While Jitendra Singh explained about “Symfony’s Webpack Encore“, He explained how to use Webpack Encore to get clean & powerful API for bundling JavaScript modules.

Now, the time to meet with Fabien Potencier, Vidushi Singh remotely connected Mr. Fabien Potencier – the CEO of Sensiolabs and he threw light on the topic “What’s new in Symfony 4” turning the whole meetup incredible.

Significant information about Symfony and their components by Fabien Potencier gave an informatic touch helped the audience to understand Symfony4.

The session of other experts Kamil Kokot – Software Engineer at Sylius with the topic “Contribution to Open Source Software


Andrey Yatsenko – Developer Advocate at Oro Inc with the topic “OroCRM application built on Symfony framework for improving your B2B Commerce Process” added more sparks to this meetup.


The Q&A session was included after the completion of every topic for clearing the doubts of audience and experts proved out to be very resourceful and the queries were promptly replied over the live session on YouTube.

We held an interesting networking session to make the meetup more engaging and had refreshment to keep the energy up for the event.

Then Ankit Yadav, discussed the importance of Message Queue while building Responsive and Enterprise level systems.

Topic “Symfony Event Dispatcher” by Akshay Kumar, helped the audience to get familiar with the Symfony’s way of working and execution.

Furthermore, Himani, Vaishali, and Navneet started a questionnaire round. Where we have seen the engagement level of our curious audience and distributed sponsored goodies on each right answer.


However, a huge number of regional developers and eCommerce business boosters and startups made this event more enthusiastic.

The credits for the successful meetup goes to leading sponsors like Symfony, Akeneo, ORO, WooCommerce, React, Sulu and many more.


We had got massive feedback on Twitter, have a look at highlighted tweets from speakers and participants :


To wrap things up, we had sent out an enormous thank you to Symfony Indian community members.

We had learned a lot from our speakers and got lots of love from the community. We wish to have the same again in the near future ­čÖé

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