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    Social Commerce Trends 2021 – Emerging Platform to Boost Sale

    Social commerce is an innovative and engaging approach to sell items and services directly through social media platforms. From exploring the items to check out, all process happens on the social platform.

    Because of the worldwide pandemic, online shopping has become a preferable mode of shopping for all. Even it drove massive growth in the eCommerce industry.

    The number of smartphone users worldwide today exceeds three billion and is anticipated to increase by several hundred million more in the next few years.

    Moreover, the rise in the figure of mobile users are pushing merchants to think of new technologies.

    Therefore merchants are coming up with new strategies to offer a convenient shopping experience for customers. As we all know social commerce is becoming a must-have technique for e-merchnts to influence shoppers.

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    Presently merchants are doing omnichannel selling of products using social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and many more to reach more audiences.

    How social commerce can improve your business?


    Get Authentic Engagement and Traffic

    Social commerce is the right approach to generate traffic for your business. Moreover, this is the prime benefit of social commerce to get you authentic engagement and traffic.

    The only thing you need to do is share frequently, show up the post in a follower’s updates feed on a regular basis. Hence, brands that share regular content receive high engagement rates and traffic to their site.

    Improved Shopping Experince

    Providing entire shopping process over the social channel improves customers’ shopping experince. As shopping through social channel is easier and engaging for the shoppers to execute quickly in free time.

    Boost Average Order Count

    Social channels are the platform of most active users and with the help of social commerce, business merchants can influence the users.

    Attract the active users and drive new eyes to the offered product and service that helps to boost the average order count.

    Helps to Build Trust and Loyalty

    The social presence of any business helps in building shoppers’ trust because social channels are easy to handle and also to get immediate responses. Prompt response and instant solution make the customer loyal to the brand.

    Henceforth social commerce is becoming the need of hours for all the people who are running businesses or willing to start a new business.

    Make More Sales through Mobile Shoppers

    People are now dependent on online shopping and mobile shopping because of the spread of worldwide pandemic. That’s why merchants are shifting the business on social commerce to generate more sales through mobile shoppers.

    Reach More Audience

    Every merchant is aware that social channels are the best way to target and reach out to more audiences in one go which is why social commerce is getting trendy to create an appropriate approach of selling products at customers’ social space.

    Easy Refer and Sharing

    Moreover, sharing anything on social media is fast and easy. Improve brand awareness about your product and services and sell online through social commerce. Because selling and sharing anything on social media is fast and easy.

    Even your happy shoppers will refer and share the liked product, service, or post promptly with their social friend circle.

    Shopper Friendly and Way Ahead

    Social commerce has provided multiple benefits not just for your business but also for your shoppers. As a merchant sell online flawlessly and enhance marketing/promotion to reach more audience.

    Through social commerce, buyers can make instant purchase online without involving in any long purchase procedures.

    Top Social Commerce Space for eMerchants

    Facebook Social Commerce

    Social Commerce Facebook

    Facebook is the most popular social commerce platform among all other social network for many reasons. It has the huge user base, which offers businesses a lot of exposure. Facebook is an immidiate interaction point that helps to boost sales.

    It was the first social network to introduce the Buy Button, the platform also offers businesses an option to open up a ‘Shop’ directly on their Facebook page. Hence selling through facebook will get you way too much than your expectation.

    Instagram Social Commerce

    Social Commerce Instagram

    Instagram is a visual platform and perfect channel to sell your products. Similar to Facebook, Instagram facilitates the brands with an opportunity to tag products in their posts and stories to sell them in the app.

    Instagram is also most loving app of this generation even most popular among those under the age of 30 henceforth selling trough Instagram can influence more new eyes to your product.

    The more the visitors the more the chance of conversion over the most hit social channel.

    Twitter Social Commerce

    Social Commerce Twitter

    Likewise Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is also now on role and moving ahead to the social commerce. Twitter is also facilitating the businessess and brands to sell on the most decent social platform.

    Social selling strategy of Twitter, Twitter Ads and Buy Now Button is making this social commerce channel hit among all the business holders.

    Also the Buy Now Buttion of Twitter is helping the sale of certain items directly from Tweets. As a merchnat you must grab this great oppturnity to connect more customers and drive sales via this soccial netwrok.

    Pinterest Social Commerce

    Social Commerce - Pinterest

    Pinterest is the most genuine social commerce space for the eCommerce merchant moreover it is a standard social media platform trusted by the youth.

    Even Pinterest is helping the e-commerce merchants to drive more orders through their selling over it. Furthermore, according to Shopify, the average order value of sales from Pinterest is $60, which is higher than any other social media site.

    Summing Up!!

    Social Shopping is an ongoing experiment that many companies have already taken and taking advantage of it. In order to take benefit from social network shopping, all you need to do the appropriate research to get to know the possibilities.

    As we all know, younger audiences turn to social media more often, which means they prefer to engage with shoppable ads and posts.

    Hence that’s all about the most trendy topic the social network selling for merchants to uplift the business to the next level.


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