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    Christmas Celebration -2021
    29 December 2021

    Christmas Celebration -2021

    Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells!

    Jingle all the way!

    The jingle is special for everyone and has special memories since childhood. Yes! That’s right; the time for Christmas for being merry and celebrating the time with near ones. How can Webkul ignore the festive vibes of December then? The HR team decided to celebrate the festival by conducting a few activities.

    Employees working from the office had added advantages to celebrate with colleagues. It was a small gathering to fulfill the purpose of celebration. Happiness must be the inner soul of every celebration. A little fun sprinkled makes activities fun and happening. Although the gathering was small due to pandemic but the enthusiasm to celebrate was huge

    “Secret Santa Ritual” which is the heart and soul of Christmas was the special part celebrated among Webkulites. This ritual signifies the selfless care of giving happiness to everyone whether known or unknown. Every employee was the Secret Santa for someone. There were gifts all around that added beauty to the environment. The excitement level was incredible when gifts were given.

    The fun was awaiting for employees when HR Team conducted an activity where the participant was supposed to be blindfolded and had to put the bindi stickers on the nose of Santa. The task seemed easy, but there were many hurdles, as the first touch was supposed to be the area chosen.

    Another activity was the one where the actual rivalry began among two teams. The activity elevated the true artist present in the Webkulites where the team has to choose one teammate to come and pick among the offered paper chits. The individual was supposed to draw the object defined in the paper chit. Further, the other team members have to guess the drawn object. The drawing and correct guess were supposed to be completed in 1 minute.

    A little celebration by taking some time from a busy schedule is necessary. It makes things positive and always provides a different view of life. It makes everything better.

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