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    Case Study Segshop

    Segshop – B2B Mobile App Development for Italian Wholesale Store

    Platform Adobe Commerce
    Industry Industrial
    Country Italy

    Segshop is an online wholesale business and product for video surveillance, automation, and security. This company is based in Atena Lucana town in Italy.

    Through Segshop eCommerce platform propose an approach for Operators and Companies in the sector such as installers, resellers, and wholesalers.

    For the supply of video surveillance products, alarm systems, automation, and security in general, with discounts greater than the average compared to the list prices applied by a classic shop.


    Market Overview

    Video Surveillance, security, and safety products market in Italy is increasing day by day, with the highly demanded installation of CC tv cameras for video surveillance systems in the offices, hospitality, schools, colleges, and retail sectors.

    if we see in this industry already many competitors are running their business in Italy such as:

    Hid global, Selea Srl, FLIR Systems, Tyco International.

    According to 6Wresearch, Italy Video Surveillance Market is expected to witness substantial growth from 2019-to 2025. 

    Italy is the fourth largest European automotive market and the integration of video surveillance solutions in the transportation sector would drive the market over the next five years.

    For instance, the government has passed a plan for the installation of surveillance cameras in the public transport of the Vento region’s principal towns and cities.


    Based on verticals, the video surveillance system market is segmented into the banking sector, government & transportation, commercial uses, retail sector, educational institutions, and hospitality & healthcare.

    The government and commercial sectors are expected to hold the largest share in the forecast period.

    Hence, some of the benefits of opting for government surveillance include remote viewing, preventing theft and vandalism, ensuring public safety, and minimizing daily security threats. (Source)

    Why did the client start this online business?

    Segshop store was born as an online sales activity, initially for fun, but today it stands out for being a reference point for a wide audience of enthusiasts and non-fans of the sector.

    Segshop started its business through a B2B eCommerce platform that offers many types of products such as video surveillance, automation, safety, and networking products.


    Generally, this company works as a mediator they buy products directly from manufacturers and they supply directly to the company, resellers, and wholesalers video surveillance products, alarm systems, automation, and security system products.

    Why B2B Industry need a Mobile App?

    In today’s time, 75% of B2B companies believe that mobile apps are the fortune of their industry. Approx 65% of businesses have a mobile app that helps them to increase brand awareness, attract customers, drive revenue, and increase sales.

    In today’s time, everyone likes mobile apps as compared to desktop apps because every people use a smartphone it is difficult to visualize life without a smartphone.

    How did Webkul help Segshop?

    Webkul has 11+ years of experience in building next-generation mobile apps, published 500+ apps on the Play Store and App Store.

    Vincenzo Carrano, administrator at Segshop contacted Webkul for mobile App creation and integration. He asked the team to develop an APP for online sales dedicated to our customers, for both Android and IOS.

    First, the Webkul team understood their requirements as deep, after that, they are looking at all these points. Apart from this the Webkul team develop the mobile app as per the client’s requirements and implemented them into the Segshop mobile application.

    Webkul Project Management style.

    Vincenzo Carrano rated 5 stars on Clutch on the bases of Webkul project management.

    Whenever the app had problems, due to external factors, both the support and both teams were quick to both respond to my tickets and resolve the issues.

    All the products Icon on the Home Screen

    As per the client’s requirement, all products are available on the home screen of the mobile screen and a part of these customers can choose a products category as per their requirements.


    Integrating PayPal in Mobile App

    Customers can add to cart products and proceed for further checkout and customs can make payment with PayPal but before making payment customers need to register with PayPal.


    Association between Segshop and Webkul

    After using the Webkul mobile app builder Segshop has fulfilled its business aim, as per the client’s requirement, however, he wanted a mobile app, especially for mobile users.

    Furthermore, the Webkul team is always available for the Segshop team for fast, quick assistance.

    It was a successful collaboration. The Mobikul team provided the client everything they needed in a timely and high-quality manner. They were very professional, reliable, and accessible during the entire process. The client also saw no room for any improvements in the vendor's performance.
    Vincenzo Carrano
    Administrator, Segshop
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