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Case Study Renude

Renude: A United Kingdom Firm, Synchronize Data From Shopify To Salesforce For Business Growth

Platform Salesforce
Industry Cosmetics
Country United Kingdom

In this success story, we are going to discuss how “Renude” a UK firm, synchronize data from Shopify to Salesforce and has grown its business to the next level by switching from manual work to automatic real-time work. 

Renude was running a skincare brand and was looking for a solution that would help them synchronize data from Shopify to Salesforce using our connector “eShopSync For Shopify”.

Read the story to know their requirements, problems, outcomes, etc.

About Renude

Data science meets skincare science. The co-founders of Renude recognized they had a similar objective when they first got together in 2019: to make it easier for consumers to find skincare products that worked for them.

Their mission was to assist you in creating a skincare regimen that meets your skin care objectives. Based on your answers to the questionnaire, the photos, and the video consultations, each routine is personally chosen to meet your needs.

To acquire the best results for your skin, products are also selected according to how well they complement one another.

Requirements Of Renude

Here is the list of some requirements raised by Renude to synchronize data from Shopify to Salesforce:

  1. They want to increase productivity and sales.
  2. Real-time data synchronization.
  3. Looking to get more leads.
  4. Sync all entities like Orders, customers, categories, and products.
  5. Focus on the required specific areas.
  6. Saves the cost of manual efforts.
  7. No duplicacy of records.
  8. Switch manual to automation.

Problem Overview

Renude was stuck with the manual efforts that caused duplicate records which resulted in no leads. They were not able to target their customers at the right time with the right data.

So they decided to search for a solution that took their manual efforts into an automated manner. They wanted to save time so that they could focus on other required areas.

For the solution, they got in touch with Webkul and the Salesforce expert consultant team helped them with their best solution to synchronize data from Shopify to Salesforce. 

Program/Activity Description

The requirements raised by Renude for the solution as per their business were discussed with the team. The consultant team first discussed it with the Salesforce development team and then proceeded with the same for development.

Our team provided a solution to them that fulfilled all their business requirements and helped them to reach new heights. The solution was “eShopSync for Shopify” which helped them switch their manual process to an automated manner.

eShoSync for Shopify

The connector allows them to sync data on a real-time basis without any duplicate records. This helped them to target their customers at the right time with the right data.

They felt that they had made the right decision by choosing Webkul to synchronize their data from Shopify to Salesforce.

Program/Activity Outcomes

Renude decided to avoid running into the same problem twice and made its best choice by accepting our solutions and services. They started using our application to synchronize data from Shopify to Salesforce in an automatic way.

Our “eShopSync for Shopify” connector helps you to automatic synchronization of real-time data. Also, we have provided them with further assistance for the customization. 

They have installed and configured the Shopify Salesforce connector step by step using our user guide which helps to do the process on their own.

This helped them in changing more opportunities into leads and saved their time and money. They have also focused on the specific areas that required some work done to grow the business.


The success story of Renude has resulted in high satisfaction with the solution provided by our team. They also appreciated the developer team for the connector and the consultant team for support. 

The connector helped synchronize data from Shopify to Salesforce, which saved time and cost of their manual efforts. The best choice they ever made was to use the “eShopSync for Shopify” connector by eShopSync- a brand of Webkul

Additional Information

  1. Client: Renude
  2. Industry: Health/ Beauty
  3. Websites: Renude

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