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Case Study IndiaHandmade

IndiaHandmade: Transforming Lives and Communities through Artisan Empowerment

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Retail
Country India

IndiaHandmade is a unique online platform dedicated to showcasing and selling handmade products, with a special focus on promoting these exquisite creations throughout India.

Initiated by the Ministry of Textile India, a government agency, IndiaHandmade has been designed to empower artisans and craftsmen hailing from rural areas.

This innovative platform provides these talented individuals with a direct channel to display their skills and craftsmanship, thereby eliminating the need for intermediaries.


At IndiaHandmade, They take pride in offering the finest handmade products, ranging from contemporary to traditional masterpieces.

Their commitment lies in delivering authentic, high-quality handmade goods to their customers.

Handmade Product Market in India

Handmade products have always held a unique appeal. They not only offer exceptional value at affordable prices but also provide a distinct alternative to mass-produced items.

As highlighted in an IBEF artical, the handicrafts sector stands as one of the cornerstones of the Indian economy, employing over seven million skilled individuals.

This sector encompasses a rich diversity of artisanal creations, including woodware, artmetal wares, handprinted textiles, embroidered goods, zari goods, imitation jewelry, sculptures, pottery, glassware, attars, agarbattis, and much more.

Why the Market Demands an Online Platform in 2023

In today’s fast-moving world, more and more people are turning to the internet for shopping.

Online platforms offer lots of advantages, like saving money, breaking down distance barriers, being super convenient, and many more.

Lots of other businesses are also going online, making the competition tough.

To tackle this challenge, IndiaHandmade has a mission. They want to stand out from the crowd by offering the very best products.

This way, they can stay ahead in the online market and keep customers coming back for more.

How Webkul Empowers IndiaHandmade as a Leading Marketplace

Webkul, a trusted partner, provides a diverse array of solutions that equip websites with powerful features to optimize their operations.

IndiaHandmade has strategically used such solutions to elevate the user experience.


Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace

Webkul’s solution empowers IndiaHandmade to transform its e-commerce store into a dynamic multivendor marketplace.

This platform offers a superior user experience, boasting features such as a comprehensive seller dashboard and intuitive product flagging.


IndiaHandmade is a marketplace that offers numerous amount products from different sellers.


Webkul’s marketplace offers the best user experience with features such as a seller dashboard, seller/ product flag, and many more.


Custom Attribute Marketplace

This addon provides sellers with the ability to add and assign specific product details, enhancing the effectiveness of product filtering.


Magento 2 Multi Vendor Mobile App

IndiaHandmade understands that many people shop on their smartphones these days. So, to make things easier and more convenient, they teamed up with Webkul to create an application.

IndiaHandmande has collaborated with Webkul to develop a mobile application through Mobikul. This versatile extension can be seamlessly configured to cater to the unique needs of mobile users.

Few Other Modules

In addition to these modules, Webkul offers an extensive portfolio of solutions that empower e-commerce merchants to enhance their websites comprehensively.

Acknowledging the critical role of user registration, IndiaHandmade has prioritized an improved user experience by facilitating easy sign-in using phone numbers or social media accounts.


This streamlined registration process ensures that users can quickly access and enjoy our platform.


As a result, IndiaHandmade has become a significant platform for showcasing and selling handmade products in India.

The Ministry of Textile created this platform to allow artisans from rural areas to showcase their craftsmanship directly to customers, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Due to its uniqueness, affordability, and cultural richness, the handmade product market in India has always held a special allure.

IndiaHandmade has utilized the vast potential of the handicrafts sector, which employs millions of people and produces a variety of items.

Webkul played an important role in the journey of IndiaHandmade towards becoming a leading marketplace.

Using plugins such as Webkul’s Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace, IndiaHandmade created a hub for sellers, enriching the user experience with features such as seller dashboards product flags, and many more.

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