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Guide for CS-Cart Zoho Inventory Connector

Updated 10 April 2024

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory Integration supports inventory management from CS-Cart to Zoho. It will allow importing of products from multiple Zoho accounts. Also, synchronize Zoho inventory products with CS-Cart.

The admin can import/export and sync the orders from Zoho inventory to CS-Cart and vice versa. Store owners can also import/export customers from CS-Cart to Zoho and Zoho to CS-Cart.

All new data will sync automatically if the permission is on from the CS-Cart end.

You can also check the OpenCart Zoho Inventory Connector that allows the syncing of data between OpenCart store and Zoho Inventory.


  • The admin can manage multiple Zoho Inventory accounts.
  • The vendor and admin can import products from  Zoho Inventory to CS-Cart.
  • Sellers and admins can easily export products from CS-Cart to the Zoho Inventory.
  • The store owner can easily import customers from  Zoho Inventory to CS-Cart.
  • The admin can easily export customers from CS-Cart to the Zoho Inventory.
  • The admin and vendor can also import orders from Zoho Inventory to CS-Cart.
  • The admin and vendor can easily export orders from CS-Cart to the Zoho Inventory.
  • The admin can sync newly created orders.
  • The admin can sync newly created customers.

Installation of CS-Cart Zoho Inventory Connector

After downloading the add-on, you get one zip file and the install.txt file. Please read it carefully and follow it.

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Now, navigate to the admin backend panel via Add-ons->Manage add-ons. Tap on the cog icon, and then tap the Manual installation option.


After that, a pop-up comes up, and on that click on “Local” to browse the zip file. Then click on the “Upload & install” button.

cs-cart zoho integration installation

After installation of the add-on, you will find the “Zoho Inventory” in the list of available add-ons.


Create Zoho Inventory Account

Step 1: Go to the Zoho API console and sign in using your email ID. Once you log in a new page will open.

Magento 2 Zoho Inventory

After that, click on the Add Client button and create a client.

api console zoho crm integration

Here, the user needs to choose the client type.


Once it’s selected as Server based application then click on the Create Now option. It will navigate to you on another page to enter the client details.

new client api details

Once the details are entered your Zoho API client credentials will be created.


In the given scenario, we need to determine the appropriate URL based on whether the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Add-on is activated or not.

If the SEO Add-on is activated, we will utilize the URL “baseurl/zoho-inventory-authenticate“. On the other hand, if the SEO Add-on is not activated, we will use the URL “baseurl/index.php?dispatch=wk_zoho_inventory.authenticate”.

api console zoho crm

Here you can check client credentials, client secret keys, and settings.


In the settings tab, the admin can enable or disable the permission for multiple stores/local.


How to get an organization ID?

Once the admin gets the API credentials they need to create an organization on Zoho inventory.

Magento 2 Zoho Inventory connector

To create an organization, the admin needs to sign in to the Zoho inventory. After that, it will navigate you to the dashboard of the Zoho inventory.


Click on the organization tab to create an organization.


Here, click on the manage button and it will redirect you to another page.


Here, the admin can create a new organization and check the previously created organization with the organization ID.


Once the organization is created admin will get the organization ID which will be used in CS-Cart Zoho integration.

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory Configuration

After successful installation configure the Zoho inventory account with the CS-Cart store.


Click on the Zoho inventory and it will navigate to the settings page of the Zoho inventory configuration.


In the settings tab, the admin can allow the permission for synchronization.


Zoho Inventory Integration

The admin needs to navigate to the website > Zoho Inventory. Manage Zoho inventory accounts page will open. Here the admin will add the Zoho account.


Click on the ‘+’ icon and it will navigate to another page where you can add the Zoho account details.


Once the account is created an access token and refresh token will generated for


Afterward, the admin will add the order settings.

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory

Here, the admin needs to enter the payment processor method and default shipping method.

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory

After the order setting admin needs to add product settings like the default category of imported/exported products and Zoho currency.

Note: The admin can edit and delete any Zoho account from CS-Cart.

Import/Export Customers

Once the account is created the admin can import and export the customers from CS-Cart to Zoho inventory.


Once the admin chooses the option it will navigate to another page. Where the admin can choose the option to import or export customers from Zoho.

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory

Once the admin chooses any option it will navigate them to another page where they can import the customers.

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory

Note – The admin can import customers one by one and they can perform bulk action.

The checkbox will be available only for not synched customers.

When click on the export customers tab new page will open for exporting the customers.

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory

The bulk and single options work similarly for exported customers as well.

Import/Export Products

As similar as customers the admin can sync the product from CS-Cart to Zoho.

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory Connector

After choosing the option it will navigate to the product import/export list page.


When choosing import products –


Import products one by one or perform bulk action to mass import.

Export Products-


Import/Export Orders

The admin can also sync orders from Zoho to CS-Cart and vice versa.


Once select the option it will navigate to another page for import or export the orders.

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory Connector

Order Export –

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory Connector

Orders Import –

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory Connector

Note: If the admin deleted any synced order from CS-Cart then CS-Cart order cancellation will not work.

Vendor Zoho Inventory Synchronization

The vendor can also sync their product and orders with Zoho inventory from the seller panel.

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory

They can add the Zoho account similarly to the admin.

CS-Cart Zoho Inventory

Once the account is created seller can add order and product details.

CS-Cart Zoho inventory

When the seller clicks on the product import/export tab a new page will open. Where they can sync the products.

CS-Cart Zoho inventory

Import Products –

CS-Cart Zoho inventory

Similarly export products from the export tab.

Export Orders –

CS-Cart Zoho inventory

The seller will click on the export order button and export the orders.

CS-Cart Zoho inventory

That’s all about the “CS-Cart Zoho Inventory Connector“. However, if you still have any questions regarding the CS-Cart extensions. Please create a support ticket by clicking Webkul Support System or send an email to [email protected].

Current Product Version - 1.0

Supported Framework Version - 4.14.x - 4.16.x

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