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Current Trends of B2B eCommerce

Updated 21 December 2023

Maximize the Growth of your eCommerce with features tailored for B2B customers!

With the advancement in technology, digitization has overruled the traditional methods.

Online stores are a great relief for customers because of the ease it offers in the purchase process.

eCommerce trends and advancement is the reason that it can never be out of the trend. Hence, you need to upgrade your business according to customer requirements.

Especially when you are selling your products or services to businesses, your approach should be different than ordinary eCommerce stores.

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Introduction of B2B eCommerce is your business need. It will help you scale and adapt to the changing market trends.

B2B eCommerce

What is B2B eCommerce?

B2B e-commerce, also known as business-to-business e-commerce, can be defined as the sales of goods or services between businesses via online channels.

Replacing the traditional ways of receiving orders via telephone or mail), transactions are carried out digitally, which significantly reduces the overhead costs.

As per research by Bigcommerce, 80% of B2B buying decisions depend on a buyer’s direct or indirect customer experience.

Additionally, 87% of B2B buyers would pay more for a supplier with a better eCommerce portal and experience, a significant rise from 81% in 2020.

Usually, business purchases are not handled by a single person. Hence, you need to upgrade your eCommerce store so that multiple people from a company can make purchases from your online store.

Steps followed to Build a B2B eCommerce

Steps followed to Build a B2B eCommerce

Building a B2B eCommerce includes several technical factors you must address before starting. In this blog, you’ll learn a step-by-step guide on building a B2B e-commerce website with tips and insights. 

To be successful in B2B eCommerce, you need to plan for an eCommerce business model. 

Plan Your Resources

Before starting to work on anything, you need to plan a strategy to make it work properly.

You have to outline all the required resources to avoid future mess and flawless functioning. 

Flow Design

One should never ignore flow designing before developing any software. It helps you to be aware of most of the future complications.

In addition, it helps to build a perfect B2B eCommerce.

Select The Apt Platform for Your B2B eCommerce

Choosing the right platform is the utmost step to proceeding with any type of e-commerce development.

You must ensure the platform aligns with your long-term business goals for your B2B eCommerce.

UI/UX Design

Design should be appealing and easy to navigate while developing the app. It is the part with which the customer is going to interact the most.

It also plays a vital role in dropping the good/bad impression of your business, making it essential to comprehend that the app is easy to use. 


Once each part is completed comes an extremely crucial part, which is the development of the B2B eCommerce.

You need to ensure that the production is bringing value to its users by using simple and effective code.

Quality and Assurance

After B2B eCommerce development, another essential part is to test the application, ensure that the app functions correctly, and check for the required improvement.

This step makes sure that the app build is bug-free. And can withstand the user load and continuous usage.


After support is required in app development so that if users face any type of complications while using the app, they can report their issues, which need to be fixed in a minimum time.

Manage Your eCommerce in Odoo

Odoo is an open-source platform that holds every capability for your business to run an efficient B2B eCommerce.

The best part about Odoo is you get the full power of a robust ERP system in a nice Webshop UI; isn’t it awesome!

Benefits You Get For Your B2B eCommerce in Odoo:

  • Multi-Website Support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Multi-Warehouse Support
  • Customer Specific Pricelist
  • UOM Support

Webkul: For B2B eCommerce Development in Odoo

Webkul has been providing Odoo Implementation, development, and Consultation services in Odoo for 13 years (When Odoo was OpenERP).

From pioneering the Odoo marketplace to developing a SaaS solution for our customers, we have done it all and come a long way in this journey of excellence. 

With more than 800 ready-to-deploy Odoo marketplace modules that include a dedicated Mobile app, Odoo Multi-Channel connectors with more than 10 different popular e-commerce platforms.

With our extensive Odoo customization services, we have contributed to the growth of over 1,500 businesses worldwide.

Webkul has proved to be one of the best Odoo Development companies over the last decade. Hence, choosing Webkul for B2B eCommerce Development in Odoo is the right decision for your business. 

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