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Guide for Laravel Bagisto AI Content Generator

Updated 17 June 2024

Laravel Bagisto ChatGPT content generator helps to generate content via AI in real-time for various entities. Admin can generate content for product page, category page, email templates, and CMS page.

The admin takes advantage of AI-driven content and provides a data-rich website to their customers.

It also works with multi language so it would be an added benefit for the customers and store owners.

If you want to use complete AI technology for content generation, image generation, chatbot, and much more. You can check the Bagisto Complete AI Suite extension.


  • Bagisto AI content generator uses the Langchain framework. 
  • OpenAI large language model services generate AI content for different pages.
  • The admin can use this feature on various pages like product, category, email template, and CMS pages.
  • It will generate the AI data in real time.
  • The admin will get the all related information about the entered word and accordingly, the content will be displayed.
  • Bagisto ChatGPT Content Generator now supports ChatGPT versions 3.5 and 4.0.

Langchain Configuration

This AI content generator is built on the Langchain framework and uses an OpenAI key to generate content.

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Admin needs to set up an open API key in the .env file.


Note: Create a .env file in the root directory, copy everything from the .env.example, and paste it into the .env file.


Run the following command to install the npm dependencies.

npm i

Run the following command in your terminal to run the node js server.

npm run dev
Bagisto AI Content Generator

API Documentation for Checkout

The server’s response to this POST request will depend on how the server is configured to handle the custom checkout message. It returns an auto-generated order checkout message and performs on the provided data.

POST /api/custom-checkout-message

Bagisto Installation

For the Installation of Bagisto, you can follow the Link.

Installation – Laravel Bagisto AI Content Generator

After the Bagisto installation, we need to configure all the necessary information for Langchain AI to establish the Vector Storage. Once this configuration is complete, proceed with the installation process outlined below:

Unzip the respective extension zip and then merge the “packages” folder into the project root directory.

Bagisto AI Content Generator

Go to the config/app.php file and add the following line under ‘providers’

Bagisto AI Content Generator

Go to the composer.json file and add the following line under psr-4.

Bagisto AI Content Generator

Admin Configuration

The admin will navigate through settings > configuration > AI Content to configure the modulePlease refer to the below image for a better understanding.

  • Admin can enable and disable the status for the store. 
  • Admin will enter the web address in the API URL where the module will communicate with another service and provide the OpenAI API key which allows the module to connect and share with the OpenAI service.

Note – API URL – here the server details and port number will be added followed by “:” and this will be generated via Langchain command npm run dev.

Laravel Bagisto AI Content Generator

Once the local host port and OpenAI API key is configured the store owner can generate auto content for various pages.

Generate Auto Content

Product Page

The admin can generate AI-driven content on the product page to fill in various details like descriptions and SEO information. To add the content admin needs to navigate to products > add or edit product.

Here, in the right side corner, a button will display to generate the content automatically.

Laravel Bagisto AI Content Generator

Once it gets saved it will show on the customer end.

Category Page

A similar process will follow for the category page to add the content to any category.

Laravel Bagisto AI Content Generator

Frontend View for Category

CMS Page

Frontend View of CMS page

Laravel Bagisto AI Content Generator

Email Template

The admin can also create various email templates with the help of the Auto AI content generator.

Note: The admin can also introduce a Bagisto Laravel chatbot openAI ChatGPT LLM chatbot to their store for other AI functionalities.


That’s all about the “Laravel Bagisto AI Content Generator “. However, If you have any queries regarding the plugin, please get in touch with us at Webkul Support System. You may also check our quality Bagisto Extensions.

Current Product Version - V1.5.1

Supported Framework Version - Bagisto V1.5.x

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