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16 August 2023

Independence Day Celebration 2023

Independence Day Celebration 2023

As we gear up to celebrate Independence Day, let’s ignite our team spirit and come together as a united force. Our diversity is our strength, and by embracing our differences, we enrich our collective experience. Independence Day brought a wave of unity, enthusiasm, and vibrant energy to our office as we celebrated with a spirit of togetherness. With everyone’s active participation and high synergy, the day turned out to be a remarkable reflection of our collective strength and camaraderie.

The office was decorated with flags, tricolor balloons and much more. Everything was fascinating and quite impactful in channelizing the essence of independence, and for that, the administrative team deserves much applause to make the environment an integral part of the entire celebration. Everywhere, we could witness the #Nationfirstalwaysfirst theme and also arranged a lot of engaging activities such as fun activities like Bujho to janein, Musical chairs with balloons, and Patriotic Antakshri, which was really an entertaining part of the celebration. The winners of these activities were given mementos as gifts.
Also, we have captured this phenomenal event with our Webkul family and are enclosed in our beautiful memories forever.

The event was special because, after all, it marked the 76th Independence Day of our country.

Throughout the day, Our main objective in organizing such events was to strengthen the bond & collaboration. It was heartening to see everyone come together, enjoyed, and engage in various activities with a sense of high synergy.

A big thank you to every member of our office for contributing to the success of this memorable day of celebration and unity! 🇮🇳🙌

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