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    A Spectacular New Year’s Bash-2024
    27 December 2023

    A Spectacular New Year’s Bash-2024

    As the year draws to a close, it’s time to celebrate achievements, foster camaraderie, and welcome the possibilities of the coming year.
    So, we started the New Year with a lunch party with loud music and Mojito, Lemonade, Martini, Margarita, Daiquiri and a lot more.

    Having explored the venue, the clock is ticking, and the drinks are slipping away at the ultimate party destination nestled in the heart of Noida. Located in Gardens Galleria Mall, Time Machine- stands out as a remarkable time-traveling-themed pub, boasting a superb balcony view and an eye-catching bar that guarantees good times. As we stepped in, the atmosphere was amazing, and we were greeted by stress-free colleagues, with some eagerly waiting for their teammates.

    We kicked off the evening with some delectable starters, gearing up for a night of enchanting and exuberant drinks at Time Machine. As the beats of the music beckoned, we found ourselves dancing on the floor with wild abandon. The array of flavors introduced to our palates was nothing short of extraordinary. It’s true what they say – good food has the magical ability to bring people together. The service was impeccable and cooperative and added an extra layer of fun to our time together.

    The DJ set the perfect vibe with loud music and vibrant lights, complemented by delicious food with good portions. What stood out the most was the artistic presentation of the dishes, adding a decorative touch to the dining experience. The tasty buffet was accompanied by a lively dance floor featuring trendy beats. People reveled in dancing, showcasing their unique moves and styles, making it an enjoyable and memorable evening of shared moments.

    After a few hours of non-stop dancing, everyone was -drenched in sweat. The party- concluded after hours of enjoyment, marked by numerous selfies, group photos, and heartfelt goodbyes. It was truly an amazing experience, one that will remembered forever.

    Oh! It seems we almost forgot to share our experience from Webkul’s new branch celebration in Lucknow. We gathered at Black Brew House- Summit Building, Lucknow, enjoying a pleasant rooftop lunch party in the winter. The diverse mocktail options, balcony seating for gossip, and a remarkable dance floor made it as fun as our Noida party. Check out snapshots from our fantastic celebration with Lucknow colleagues!

    Our employee’s unmatched efforts contribute significantly to our ongoing success. Each year, their dedication enhances our business, allowing us to celebrate our achievements in an increasingly grand manner. With a portion of the profits, we look forward to commemorating our success more splendidly every year.

    We wish all of you a happy and prosperous New Year ahead!

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