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    10 Trendy Apps to Grow Your Shopify Store

    Updated 9 January 2020

    If you eagerly waiting to find a secure platform to sell products online but don’t have much experience in coding & web development then, Shopify can be the right choice for you.

    Shopify is an ultimate web-based platform that lets you create an online store & customize shop as per your business needs. Being a store owner, you can publish your products or services & sell them on your online store. You can sell products through online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations and pop-up shops using Shopify.

    Now, to get your online sales rolling, you need to keep track of the growth of online visibility of your store. Before this, it’s quite crucial to know how to boost the visibility of an online store.

    If you talk about Shopify, the most amazing thing is that you can add features & functionalities to your store as per your business needs using Shopify apps.

    Here, we explore the 10 trendy Shopify apps that let you boost the online visibility of your store. Let’s dive into the details.

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    #1 Multi-vendor Marketplace for Shopify

    Have you ever thought of converting your online store into a fully-fledged marketplace? If yes, then, this app is all that you want. Multi-vendor Marketplace app will let you convert your Shopify store into a marketplace and register multiple sellers to sell their products on your store. Accordingly, you can earn commissions on each product purchased.

    Multi-vendor Marketplace Products

    The app feature is not limited to this & is expanded as follows:-

    -You can sell physical products, digital products, booking products as well as global products on your store.

    -Sellers & products can be added in bulk via CSV upload & assign products to sellers.

    -You can allow sellers to set their own shipping rates based on the product price or weight using the Shipping feature.

    -The app is Multi-lingual with the Weglot feature.

    -You can let your customers ask questions directly using Ask a Question feature.

    -If the case, you want to charge membership fees from your sellers, you can create membership plans with ease using the Seller Membership app.

    -You can allow sellers to add different product prices for different customers based on Tags assigned to them using the Slot Pricing feature.

    -Multiple connectors will help you to sync products from your Shopify store to seller’s stores & vice versa.


    WooCommerce connectors | PrestaShop Connectors | Magento Connectors | Etsy Connectors | Seller Sync App

    #2 Lightning Deals

    People love to avail discounts while purchasing products online. In order to grab customer’s attention, adding deals to store products can be an ultimate option. This can be achieved using the Lightning deals app.

    You must have multiple collections on your store. So, isn’t it a great idea to add deals on collections? The app will let you show the live countdown timers on products & entice customers to grab the discount benefits. This ultimately results in a huge online presence & helps to increase online sales of your store.


    #3 Customer Order Management

    Reorder & Return, Exchange, Refund is no cakewalk. Earlier, we had no such options for customers to request for return or request to change the shipping address or option to request for order invoice. But with the Customer Order Management app, you can let your customers perform such actions with ease.

    Customers can now:-
    -Request to Return an Order
    -Request to change the shipping address.
    -Order Invoice Requests.
    -Request to Exchange an Order


    Explore the feature!

    #4 Native Mobile App for Shopify

    In this digital era, you can’t avoid making your website compatible with the android & iOS devices. It’s necessary to provide a user-friendly mobile experience to the users. This can be achieved using the Native Mobile App developed for Shopify.

    The app is exclusively developed with the storefront properties that help to grow the online visibility of your store. With the flutter-based mobile app, it’s easy to synchronize the app with your store i.e. synchronization of products, categories, orders, customers, and other relevant data will be achieved in a go.


    #5 Gift On Order

    What customers love the most while purchase products online? Of course, the Free Gifts! So, what if an app is implemented to offer free gift products to the customers. Yes! We are talking about the Gift on Order app.

    The app lets you add free gift to products & create gift rules based on which the gift product will be added to the customer’s cart automatically once the gift rule condition satisfies. This uplifts the online visibility of your store as well as increase the probability of selling products online & accelerate your online sales.

    #6 PreOrder Controller

    No one wants to lose customers if products go out of stock! Here, the Pre-order controller app comes into the picture. With this app, you can allow pre-order for out of stock as well as “about to launch” products. Now, you can earn profit even if the product is not yet published to your store. This ultimately helps to grow the online presence of your store.

    The app also includes these exceptional features:-
    -Add PreOrder to products that are about to launch & let them auto–publish on a set date.
    -Partial Payment option to pay for the pre-order.
    -Let the customers know when the pre-order is available.

    Go ahead & Explore the Pre-Order Controller App for your Shopify store!

    #7 Wallet Management

    “Reward Program for Your Customers”

    If your new customers are happy, there will be more probability of turning them to a regular customer. Keeping this in mind, adding the e-wallet concept can be the perfect option to opt for.

    Now, if you want to provide the e-wallet concept to your customers, you can have the Wallet Management app that lets your customers pay for the order via Wallet & simplify the whole purchasing process of your online store.

    Pay via Wallet” is the most convenient & preferred choice for customers to pay online. According to the Global Mobile Wallet Trend annual report, around 2.07 billion consumers over the globe will use to make payments online via mobile wallets in 2019. So, if you want to keep boosting the online presence of your store, it’s crucial to integrate the digital wallet concept in your store.


    #8 Product Dream list

    Sometimes, it just happens that a customer likes a product from your store but currently, not able to buy it. In this case, enabling the wishlist feature can be a better option. This can be achieved using the Product Dream list app.

    Consider the following Feature of this App:-
    Let the customers create a category of their favorite products as Wishlist.
    Customers can add a single product in multiple categories as well.
    Customize the Wishlist Icon for your store.
    Allow customers to add multiple products in a category.

    There are lots more features one can explore in the app!

    #9 Ask a Question

    It is important to know the concern of your customers if you run an online store. Isn’t it great to provide Question-Answer App to the customers!

    With the Ask a Question app, you can allow customers to ask their doubts regarding the products even before the purchase. Thus, you can understand the concern of your customers and get their queries resolved.

    #10 PWAfy

    In order to provide a seamless mobile-like experience to the users, there needs to be an integration between the mobile application & the website. PWAfy exactly does the same. The app is dedicated to providing a seamless mobile-like experience to the users on the web thus, increase the online presence of your store.


    Additional Features:-
    Works well even in uncertain network conditions.
    Works lightning fast as compared to the websites.
    Supports Push Notification.
    Look & Feel like Native application.
    Works Offline.

    Go ahead & Explore the app features!

    Feel Free to connect in case of any questions or Write a comment in the comment section below. We are open to all your suggestions.

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