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    Mobixlab for Shopify

    With Mobixlab, you can now have a native “Mobile App for Shopify” for your eCommerce store. This hybrid app, based on flutter, is amazingly developed for both Android and iOS devices. The app gets seamlessly integrated with your Shopify store which allows real-time synchronization of products, categories, orders, customers, and other relevant data.

    The app doesn’t include any recurring charges so you can pay only once for the app.

    Let’s have a look at further details.


    *Based on Flutter, Google’s newest mobile application development framework.
    *Turns your eCommerce store into the Mobile app.
    *Seamless Integration with Shopify Store.
    *Synchronization of the mobile app with the website.
    *Faster Approach to access the store.
    *Supports default Shopify Product Type.
    *Extremely configurable homepage.
    *Easily Configurable.


    On Landing Page, you will find the “Get This App” button. Enter the shop URL where you want to install the Mobile App for Shopify.

    You will first install this app to your eCommerce store so that the mobile app can be created for the same.

    Also, you can install the app from the Shopify app store. Just click the “Add app” button and enter your Shopify store URL.

    After this, You will be straight-away redirected to your Shopify store where you need to choose any of the three plans given in the app.

    -Subscription Based
    -One-Time Costing
    -One-Time Costing (with mobile end source code)


    Once the Installation is completed and payment is done for the app, the Mobile App for Shopify will be listed in the app section of your Shopify store:

    Clicking on the app, you will be asked to enter the JS-SDK token that you have created on your store.

    You need to create JS SDK token first from Shopify backend and then paste the token here to access the app on mobile.

    Click here to know how to create the JS SDK token.

    Now, you will be straightaway redirected to the Mobixlab’s dashboard. Here, you will get the list of cards added for your mobile app. You can also add a new card simply by clicking the “Add Card” button.

    Clicking the Add Card button, you will get redirected to Card Configuration section. There, you can add various cards in the form of Slider, Banner, Grid, Carousel, List or Product Slider and display them in your Mobile App.

    Let’s understand this in detail. Like how to configure the mobile app & how it changes will be visible in the app.


    Configuration section of the Mobixlab is totally for how you want the options to get displayed on the mobile app.

    Card Configuration

    To start with first comes the Card Configuration. The admin can enable or disable the tab to add cards.

    • Select a card type whether it’s Slider, Banner, Grid, Carousel, List or Product Slider.
    • Enter a title for your card.
    • Add products or collection for the card.

    The products You add will be listed here:

    You can also upload the image for the slide.

    This way, you can add the cards & configure it for the mobile app.

    All the Collection and Grid cards will show up on your app’s home page like this:

    Product Slider images will be shown like this:

    Side Panel Configuration

    From this section of the app backend, you can easily configure the side panels of your mobile app. You can list the menus for your mobile app by adding the main items & their child items. You can manage the position of these items in the mobile app.

    Clicking the “Add Section” button, You can add a section in the side panel for Your mobile app. You can view the list of all the sections that You have added for Your mobile app.

    Once You add a section, You need to click the greater than sign ( >) to add items for the side menu. Adding the items, You will get the option to add child items.

    You can view the list of all the main items (parent items) & child items of the sections added for the side menu of the mobile app. Later on, You can edit or delete any of these items, if required.

    These menu items will be visible like this in the side panel of your mobile app:

    General Configuration

    From this section, you can configure the general details such as access token to authenticate the app & the business email on which you want to receive all the notifications of the actions performed in the app.

    This is how You can configure your mobile app.

    How to Get the Mobile App?

    Once You install the Mobixlab app on your store, an automatic request is generated on our end and we will provide you the details to install the app in your Mobile or Tablet.

    Also, You can contact us directly from the Mobixlab app section of your Shopify store.

    Customer View

    On the mobile app, the customer can log using the sign in button after entering the credentials.

    Once get registered, customer can log in from here:

    And once logged in, the buyer can view details about his/her own account, orders, etc and manage the account on his own.

    Clicking on order section, all the orders history of the logged in customer will get display along with  product name, order number and other details.

    Clicking the View Details button, customer can view all the orders & Shipping & product details.

    Customer can edit or delete the addresses and also add a new address.

    This is all about the Mobixlab App.


    For any kind of technical assistance and suggestions, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    . . .


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