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    Go Beyond Products: Shaping the Future of Service Commerce

    Updated 21 December 2023

    The eCommerce industry has revolutionized to meet the changing needs of online retailers.

    Being a merchant, if you are selling products on your eCommerce store, you may think of expanding your business and creating new revenue streams.

    “Observing the global market, It is expected to be the year of service-based businesses leading the way.”

    So, if you are willing to go beyond selling physical products on your eCommerce store, better make a move to sell time on Shopify. Shopify helps you create one!

    Talking about Shopify, one of the leading eCommerce platforms, the selling opportunities keep on increasing.

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    It is not just limited to offering the merchants outstanding ways to sell products online but is also set to provide better leverage to shape the future of service commerce.

    Service Commerce: Businesses that offer various types of services to the customers.
    Service eCommerce: Businesses that offer online services to customers based on multiple professions.

    sell time
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    SHOPIFY: “A platform to offer almost all the leading features needed to have a successful online business.”

    Reasons to Go with Shopify

    • Most amazingly, you can start your e-business from scratch without being an expert in coding and web development.
    • If offers lots of applications to be installed to your Shopify store to enhance the store functionalities.
    • Have tons of customized themes to amplify the look & feel of your eCommerce store.
    • Moreover, Shopify is Self-hosted!
      No need to take the hurdle of Software Installation & web-hosting. Moreover, You can use your own domain name with Shopify.
    • 24*7 customer support. Also, Shopify Experts are there to help you grow your business.

    Power of Selling Services

    One of the major concerns of a service-based business is Earning Credibility in the industry you work. Especially if you are new to the eCommerce industry, better explore the service commerce & Booking Industry Trends first. Then, make an effort and precisely choose the target audience.

    There are tons of profitable business ideas to sell services online. Explore Especially, when you opt for Shopify, you will get the job done in the most simplified way. Let me tell you how.

    Booking App by Webkul: An app to let merchants sell services on Shopify for any profession. Know More

    Selling Service as a Product on Shopify

    The Booking App will let you add services to your Shopify store and allow customers to book appointments simply by selecting their preferred slots. It may include selling services related to any profession including doctor’s appointment service, a salon booking system, consultant booking system, etc.

    How to Add Services?

    Similar to any product that you add & sell on your Shopify store, you can add services as well. But! make sure to include some really good quality candid images of the service you offer. Images need to be generic that will be fully optimized on the web.

    Salon Booking service

    Moreover, don’t forget to add the product description to have better clarity about the services you offer.

    Proper Slot Management also matters if you sell time on an eCommerce store. The booking app allows managing the service availability in the simplest possible way.

    You as an admin can offer:-
    -Overwrite dates i.e. close bookings in case the service is unavailable for some specific time duration.
    -Set minimum or maximum guest limit for users to book slots.
    -Allow multiple customers to book a slot at a time.
    -Manage customer’s booking cancellation and reschedule effortlessly.

    Must-Have Features to Sell Services

    Service-based businesses provide values through time. You need to create slots and sell time to the customers. Listing some of the must-have features needed to sell services on Shopify:-

    • A Personalized Booking Experience to Users: The customers always look to have a simplified booking portal to manage bookings with ease. So, have an interactive booking widget to offer a personalized booking experience to your potential users.
    • Keep Tracking all the booking records: It’s crucial to have a record of all your customer’s bookings requested by them.
    • Hassle-free Appointment Scheduling Experience: Show an interactive booking widget on your storefront and let customers view booking details from their respective accounts.
    • Empower Your Potential Customers: Let customers request for booking rescheduling and cancellation.
    • Provide flexibility in Online Bookings: Offer more flexibility in creating appointments based on any of the business profession.
    • Google Calendar to manage bookings: Have Google Calendar to manage all the bookings requested by the customers. Explore
    • Mobile Booking: Have a mobile-optimized website for a better customer experience.

    Have a mobile-optimized website to sell services.

    The Booking App provides all the above, even more!

    The Bottom Line

    Offering service-based solutions have always been boon to the customer’s engagement. Service-based businesses continue to evolve and providing really good opportunities for online retailers.
    So, it’s time to think beyond selling products and choose to sell services as products on Shopify. This will not only boost your brand’s presence but also expand new revenue streams.

    Booking App is one such app developed for the Shopify platform that lets merchants add service as a product and allow customers to book for the services. Thus, give WOW experience to customers via service commerce.

    Create an Online Rental Booking Marketplace

    Feel Free to connect in case of any questions. We are open to all your suggestions.

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