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    Product Group Types and Groups in Akeneo


    Groups are used to bring product together. It is also used for the filter of the products. You can create a group of products and can use it as a template. Groups types are required to create a product group.

    You can export the group of product with Akeneo to e-commerce channels, Marketplaces, and Web Print.

    Example: If you want to show some group of products at the festivals or seasonal days then you can make a group of product and can export it to e-commerce, mobile, and Web Print with Akeneo.

    Akeneo PIM provides Product information management tools for managing the catalog, centralized the products, and filtration of the product.

    Product Group Types

    For creating the group types in Akeneo you have to go Setting – > Group Types. You can see the list of group type and can create a new group type.

    To create a group from the PIM user interface, you must have been granted specific permissions to do so. For this contact to your administrator for the permission. You have to enter the group code and click on the save button.

    You will get different locale option by which you can translate your label code. Click on the save button and you will get the list of the group types created by you.

    Product Groups

    For creating the groups in Akeneo you can go to Akeneo dashboard and go to Setting – > Groups. Here you will get all the Product Groups and create a new group option.

    After clicking on the create group icon you have to enter the group code and select a group type. You have to click on the save button to create a product group.

    Now you can see all products created in Akeneo. Here you can add the product to the product group.

    You can filter the product that you want to add to the product group. We can find the product filter grid as Group, Family, Status, Complete, Created at, Updated at, and channels.

    You can also filter the product with the family attribute. Now click on the filters and you will get product family with attributes.

    Now you can select the product and can assign it to the product group.

    After assigning the product to the product group you can see the product is added to the group.

    Now go to your Akeneo product list and you can filter your products with the groups.

    After selecting the group you can see the product in the product list as you assigned.

    Create an Export Profile With the Group

    With the help of Groups in Akeneo, you can export the product to E-commerce channel, Marketplaces, and Web Print. You have to navigate Exports -> Create Export Profile.

    Now you have to enter the code, label, and export job profile.

    Click on the save button to create an export profile.

    You have to click on the export now button to export product group in CSV. You have to wait till the execution process is executing.

    Now click on the Download generated files and open it you can see your product group is exported.


    If you have any query please create a support ticket at- If you are a retailer, facing issues in handling a large number of products, drop us a line in comments below.

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