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Prestashop POS Desktop Progressive Web App

Updated 24 January 2020

Do you wish to create a desktop app of your POS? If the answer is yes, then you can do so by integrating your POS with PWA.

To get the idea of the advantages of POS integration with PWA. Firstly, let’s understand the POS & PWA first.

POS is the electronic terminal used to record all the manual retail transactions of the shop. At the point of sale, a merchant creates a record of the transaction at the POS terminal. A merchant can also prefer to prepare the invoice of this transaction at the time of payment by the customer.

Whereas, the PWA is the combination of the web pages & mobile/desktop application. The PWA is basically a web page which provides the feel of the desktop & mobile applications. The capability of modern web technology is making it possible to convert web pages into web apps.

There are various reasons for creating a desktop app of POS. Hence, let’s look at the benefits of PWA to understand the need for its integration.

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  • Unlike native apps, it uses low data.
  • Easily accessible & faster loading time.
  • Takes much less space than a native app.
  • Works even in offline mode.

Now, when we have seen the advantages of PWA then now you can only imagine the benefits of POS combined with the desktop PWA will entail. Hence, the integration of POS with PWA will help to make the process faster at the POS. Now, the compatibility of POS with PWA has made it possible to use both of them simultaneously. In the field of eCommerce, PWA has gained the popularity that it deserves. Now, with the merger of the two major platforms i.e. PWA & POS, you can now easily add an app for your POS & continue your work via app.

For the workflow of POS module:

To view the flow of Progressive web app(PWA) module, go to:

Compatibility with PWA module

With the integration of PWA, you can choose to install the app of POS by clicking on the ‘Add’ button.


You can also add the POS progressive web app on the home screen of your desktop. This will allow easy access to your POS terminal.


After successful installation of the app, enter your POS credentials to log in to the POS app.


Add products to the cart & also choose to apply discount on the cart.


This was all about the working of POS progressive web app.


For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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