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Odoo 17 Sales: New Features

Updated 18 December 2023

Odoo 17 Upgrade: Migrate to boost sales!!!

Odoo is a one-stop solution for all your ERP needs. The Erp is going to release an upgraded version, Odoo 17, in November 2023. The Odoo 17 Upgrade will include an extensive list of new features that will push it to the top of the ERP market.

In recent years, Odoo Apps has improved in terms of its platform and offered many great features, functionalities, and modules to help clients.

Odoo 16 Sales had some vital user experience and functionality improvements that eased the module’s work. And in Odoo 17 Migration, we have found the same.

In our journey of exploring Odoo 17 Sales new features, we will thoroughly include a comparison of Odoo 16 and 17 features in the sales modules. To get a better understanding of the new Sales features in Odoo 17 Migration.

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Odoo 17 Sales New Features

Before moving ahead, check out the new functionalities of Odoo 17 POS.

Now, let’s move ahead and hop to the new features of the Odoo Sales module.

Catalog Management

In Odoo 17, you can optimize the sales process by adding products directly from the catalog to a sales order in Odoo 17, with the flexibility to adjust details as required.

You can do this through the detail icon view of the products. Earlier in Odoo 16, it provided an option to add the product from the list without the icon and eye-catching view.

It will help identify the product lines with the images.

Earlier in Odoo 16:

Odoo 16 quotation

Advanced Adding option from the catalog in the Odoo 17 

Odoo 17 quotation

Catalog View In Odoo 17 to add the products directly.

Odoo 17 catalog
Odoo 17 catalog selection

Enhanced User Interface

Odoo 17 Upgrade introduces a user-friendly interface with improved icons and menus for smooth navigation and task management, so it has been included in sales.

Odoo 17 migration is a rising opportunity for the business’s growth because of its new and upgraded features. The Icons and menus of sales have been revamped for a better user experience.

Although the odoo 16 sales module looked similar to the odoo 15, the odoo 17 upgrade UI is not like the old version anymore.

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Odoo 16 UI

Now, in Odoo 17 Upgrade, the sales UI will be alike:

Odoo 17 UI

Enhanced Reporting

Odoo 17 brings enhanced reporting tools for better business insights and encourages good decision-making.

In the previous odoo, version categories were combined in the filters which has been included first time in Odoo 17 the filter options are directly in the tabs of the reports to make it user-friendly and save time.

Report Page in Odoo 16

Odoo 16 report page

The report page  in Odoo 17 

Odoo 17 report

Advanced Search

In odoo 17 enhanced view allows users to customize and define specific search criteria when looking for records in different modules.

In Odoo 17, the search bar has been relocated to the top center of the screen combining ‘Filter,’ ‘Group by,’ and ‘Favorites’ together under the ‘Search’ tab.

It makes searching more user-friendly, convenient, and efficient. In an earlier version of Odoo 16, it provided in the corner of the page.

The Odoo Sales module lets you modify conditions for a particular filter giving more accurate and precise results.

Odoo 16 search option

Odoo 16 search

Odoo 17 Enhanced search view

Odoo 17 search enhance feature

New Payment Gateways

This Odoo Sales version supports additional payment gateways, expanding options for online transactions.

It has opened the way to include many small and medium organizations with wide options of payment gateways the most important Cash on delivery and pay store like very popular methods used nowadays.

Odoo 16 payment gateway 

Odoo 16 payment

Odoo 17 payment gateway options 

Odoo 17 payment providers
List of Odoo 17 payment providers list

New Product Types

Odoo 17 includes new product types that expand the coverage of product types available in earlier versions. In Odoo 16, there were: consumables, services, and storable, event tickets, an Event booth, and a course. However, in Odoo 17, new product types included Combo to upgrade the sales to new limits.

These new product types are created to match the business needs effectively and provide more options for e-commerce businesses.

Odoo 16 product type

Odoo 16 type of products

Odoo 17 Product type 

Odoo 17 type of product


The Odoo 17 Upgrade in the Sales Module brings several exciting enhancements and improvements over Odoo 16. It offers many great and improved functionalities over the previous versions.

Odoo 17 migration’s user-friendly interface, enhanced features, and improved performance make it a perfect choice for businesses seeking to smooth their operations and boost productivity.

Upgrading to Odoo 17 could be a wise decision to stay ahead in the world of today’s ERP and business management software.


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