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Joomla Social Login

Joomla Social Login:

Joomla social login displays a username and password login form. It also displays a link to retrieve a forgotten password. If user registration is enabled (in Users > Manage > Options), another link will be shown to enable self-registration for users.

This is Core Joomla login Module enhanced with social login/register functionalities. This module allows your site visitors to get logged into your site using their social networking accounts.


  • All features of core Joomla Login module added with functionalities of signup and login using social accounts.
  • Easy Login using Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Strong Random Password for Users Sign up using Social Accounts.
  • Provide one Click Register and Login.
  • Small buttons available.


Browse the ‘Joomla Social Login’ zip file and then drag and drop.

Now, click on “Extensions” then search the module “MOD_WK_SOC_LOG” and click to publish it.

Here you need to do the module setting.

This one is most important part of the module, “Social login-Setting”

Now, Please follow the steps as shown below to create Apps on different social media platform

a) Facebook App creation:-

Click here for Facebook App
Login here and follow the steps as mentioned below

b) Twitter App creation:-

Click here for Twitter App
Login here and follow the steps as mentioned below

c) Google+ App creation:-

Click here for Google+ App
Login here and follow the steps as mentioned below

d) Linkedin App creation:-

Click here for Linkedin App
Login here and follow the steps as mentioned below

(For Buyers) FRONTEND-VIEW:-

Here is the front-end view, where you can see the social login module, now, when a guest user land your Joomla site can use his Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter to login to your site. So, once guest user login using social login module the user will be automatically registred on your site.


That’s all for the Joomla Social ligin still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the Module better

Current Product Version - 1.0

Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x

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