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Magento 2 AI Chatbot Using Llama 3

Updated 23 May 2024

Let’s introduce you to the latest AI Chatbot virtual assistant for the Magento 2 based stores built with current Llama 3 Large Language Model.

Magento 2 Ai Chatbot using Llama 3

The AI Chatbot has been created using the Open Source LLM and Vector database and cab be utilized on eCommerce stores.

What is Llama 3?

It’s the most sophisticated and capable Large Language Model created by Facebook, it basically can recognize the input provided and generates respective data accordingly.

Llama 3 is capable and comparable to GPT 4 and Gemini. The best part is that, it is Open Source and you can host it anywhere without the need of making any payments, and that’s cool!

It has a higher number of parameters, meaning that the AI model is more complex and powerful.

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Hence, Llama 3 allows more interactions, and can take up more complex input handling as compared compared to it’s previous versions like – Llama 2 or 1

Also, ChatGPT versions 3.5 and 4.0 are supported by this AI chatbot.

Magento 2 AI Chatbot Using Llama 3

Let’s dive in to how good the AI Chatbot using Llama 3 is!

You can also check the video of how capable it is:


Product Based Responses

The customers of the store can ask the AI Chatbot for the price of a particular product.

The same AI Chatbot functionality can also be added to Mobile Commerce as well.

In response to the asked question, customers will get a quick NLP response with related product price.

Magento 2 AI Chatbot using Llama 3

Even, you can ask regarding the customizable options available of a product like color, size, etc.

customizable color option available result by ai chatbot using llama 3

Also, if you are asking for a same products with size options, it shows the available ones with their sizes.

available sizes result by AI Chatbot using Llama3

Apart from that, you can ask for a product page link.

product page link by ai assistant

Attribute Based Responses

The customers can even get the result for their queries if they are asking for a particular product with their attributes.

For example – here, we have asked the AI Chathbot for the query regarding a solid nylon hoodie.

Magento 2 AI Chatbot using Llama 3 results with product attributes

The AI virtual assistant quickly responds to the query with the exact product results having those product attributes.

Even if we are using a product description and asking it. The AI chatbot displays the respective results with products having that particular description.

description based AI chatbot using llama 3 results

Multi Lingual Support

Customers can even ask questions in different languages and will get the respective answers to the asked query.

llama 3 response by AI chatbot


So, that was much about the Magento 2 AI Chatbot Using Llama 3.

For any queries or doubts drop us an email at [email protected] or raise a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

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