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Magento 2 Enhanced Indexer Management

Updated 15 April 2024

With the release of Magento 2.4.7, many Performance and Scalability enhancements are introduced.

One of which is indexer management. Here, Magento 2 has introduced – Set indexer status which allows administrators to dynamically manage the status of the indexer

bin/magento indexer:set-status {invalid|suspended|valid} [indexer]
  • invalid—it signifies that it’s considered out-of-date. This designation triggers a reindexing process on the subsequent cron run, unless the indexer is specifically suspended.
  • suspended—temporarily halts automatic cron-triggered updates for indexers. This pause in updates applies to both real-time and scheduled modes, ensuring that system-intensive operations don’t get interrupted by automatic updates.
  • valid—indicates that the indexer data is already up-to-date. In this case, there’s no requirement for reindexing.
  • indexer—denotes a space-separated list of individual indexers. If no specific indexer is mentioned, the configuration applies universally to all indexers.

Administrators gain the ability to adjust the operational status of indexers, a pivotal capability for enhancing system performance during demanding tasks like data imports or maintenance.

This feature empowers precise control over indexer activation, essential for managing system load during substantial operations such as product updates.

By dictating the timing of indexer activation through the system’s cron jobs, administrators strategically optimize system resources. This granular control ensures smoother workflows and more efficient resource utilization during large-scale operations.

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For example, to suspend specific indexers, enter:

bin/magento indexer:set-status suspended catalog_category_product catalog_product_category


Index status for Indexer ‘Category Products’ was changed from ‘valid’ to ‘suspended’.
Index status for Indexer ‘Product Categories’ was changed from ‘valid’ to ‘suspended’.

You can also add your own custom indexer following this blog – Create Custom Indexer

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