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How to Sell Etsy Products on Shopify?

Updated 12 June 2020

Confused between Shopify & Etsy Marketplace? How about amalgamating both??

Well, let’s start from the beginning. When you step into the eCommerce world, there is a lot that you can learn. A lot in terms of platforms, products, analytics, marketing, customer retention & so on. And this fact goes for every new thing that you aspire to try.

Some merchants don’t want to dig into a lot and just want their products to be in the hands of their customers. So for this, we have marketplaces. Marketplace provide you a platform where you can just register & start selling. They have their established audience which help you grow faster.

One good name when we talk about the marketplace is Etsy. An e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. In other words, Etsy is an online marketplace that works as a mediator between customers and artists/crafters.

As I spoke about the similar concept in the previous article, that once you begin getting the audience while selling on Etsy, there comes a time when you wish to have your own store. You desire to grow your own community and tell your own stories outside of Etsy.

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So, the next step is to create your own store. A store on an independent platform like Shopify. But this decision does not mean dropping your Etsy business. Because growing on both will be the best of both worlds. A rare opportunity to build a larger audience.

Etsy Shopify Connector
Sync the selling process between both Etsy Marketplace & Shopify to level-up the brand reachability

Perks of Selling on Etsy

  • Etsy generates traffic for you. When you begin with the selling process, you totally rely on Etsy-generated traffic.
  • You can join & start a shop on Etsy for free. You need to pay minimal listing fees, transaction fees, order processing fees, and a small commission fees.
  • Product listing on Etsy is super easy.
  • Easy finance management.
  • You don’t necessarily require a license to sell on Etsy. (Before starting, do check the Etsy rules related to selling online.)
  • Etsy takes care of the technicalities like servers, payment gateways, etc.

Perks of starting a Shopify store

  • Build your own brand identity outside of the Etsy world. Build & grow your own space & tell your own story.
  • Shopify lets you build customer loyalty. When selling on Etsy, most of the time people don’t trust your brand but they trust Etsy.
  • A lot to customize on the grounds of your policies, products, collections, and whatnot.
  • Product listings on Shopify don’t expire as it does in four months in Etsy.

Now, running both the businesses separately isn’t a great idea. As it will require a lot of management time & hassle. So, what’s best is to integrate them together!

Integration with Etsy Connector for Shopify

Now that you have an online Shopify store & products on Etsy, you can move on to the syncing process.

Etsy Connector App for Shopify enables users to integrate Shopify with Etsy. You can list Etsy products on your Shopify store and attain organized product and inventory management.

Here are some of the amazing feature of this connector:

  • Product Sync: The products can be created & synced between the platforms just in a click. It provides a smooth way to map the product attributes.
  • Collection Sync: In a few clicks, you can map the Etsy category with Shopify collections. Thus, reducing efforts and enhancing product visibility.
  • Efficient Inventory Management: Orders get synced with the Shopify store which makes the management process very easy.
  • Price Rule: You can set price rules within the app. This is the percentage of the price difference between Shopify store products with respect to Etsy store products.
  • Currency Conversion Rates: The app lets you add Currency Conversion Rates. You need to provide the latest currency exchange rates. This information will be used while auto-updating the prices of the products from Shopify to Etsy with different currencies.
  • Weight Conversion: You can provide the product weight unit of the Shopify & Etsy store. This information will be used while auto-updating synced products without any unit hassle.
  • Auto-Create: You can create newly added Shopify products/orders at Etsy automatically. No worries to sync recently added products/orders manually.

So, if you are looking for a real-time synchronization software to integrate Etsy and Shopify store, start the free trial period today!

Let us know if you need any kind of help regarding Etsy Connector for Shopify. You can drop your suggestions for further improving this module at [email protected] or raise a ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

Until next time. 👋

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