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    Start An Online Cab Booking Business like Ola/Uber

    Updated 27 April 2020

    In this fast-paced modern world, people are trying to find a convenient way to travel. So, starting an online cab booking business seems to be an exciting option.

    Before you make up your mind, let’s decide in which category you fall in. There are certain business models based on which you can create an online cab booking business. Let’s dive into the details:-

    Aggregate Business Model

    The aggregator is mainly a brand that signs up a contract with the partner & sells services with a uniform quality & price.

    In this business model, basically, a firm gathers all the necessary information about a particular service provider, approaches them for the partnership and sells their service under their own brand.

    Some relevant examples are Ola, Uber.

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    The aggregator will act only as a mediator between the cab owner & the users who book the services using his brand.

    Ownership Model

    In this business model, an individual or an organization or a company may directly own the property.

    You might have seen some websites that have their own fleet of cars that they use in their business for rental bookings. These booking websites are created based on the ownership model. Basically, the cab-on-hire brands are based on this model who offers cabs on hire & rental bookings online.

    For Example:- Meru Cabs.

    Taxi booking service
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    5 Incredible Features needed for an Online Cab booking Website

    1. Quick & Simplified Booking Flow:- There should be an organized booking flow of your website. This provides a seamless booking experience to the users who visit your website to book for the services. Thus, the user can book a cab in very little time & become happy with the flawless feature. This may result in decreasing the bounce rate of your website.
    2. Secured Payment Gateway:- As the payment transaction is going to be an online process, you need to ensure that all the information, credit card details & all the sensitive data is confidential & is protected. This will retain your customers & build trust for your brand. You can also implement the wallet concept in your cab booking website.
    3. Mobile App for the bookings:- Mobile Traffic is growing at a very high rate. So, if your booking is not compatible with mobile devices, you may lose tons of customers. You can receive search engine benefits simply by adding Google AMP to your website. Let’s drive enormous traffic to your website with the accelerated mobile pages!


    4. Feedback Option for the Customer:-

    Image Courtsey: Pixabay

    According to a Consumer review survey, it has been estimated that around 86% of the customers read reviews for businesses & trust them undoubtedly. Thus, it can be profitable to provide the feedback option to the customers once they book a product/service on your website.

    5. Referral Links:- Referral has a huge impact on website traffic. You can add referral links to your website that will help other customers to know about your cab booking service. You can also offer rewards to your potential customers and engage them to try your brand.

    Once a customer refers to your cab booking service to other customers, he/she will get some free rides. This way, you can elevate your customer’s booking experience & build trust for your brand.

    The Bottom Line

    Till now, You might have observed that all the cab booking companies do follow a certain strategy to implement their eCommerce website & promote their brand.

    So, if you want to start your cab booking business, you need to understand the business models and then, start implementing the features to your website accordingly. Being a merchant, you must take care of some optimum features needed for a booking website and these features will help to enhance your cab booking website & thus, drive enormous traffic to your website.

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  • Carolyn Gill
    This blog is very nice and very helpful for all those people whose all new in this field. Ola cab is a taxi aggregator service provider. It is a well known Indian on-demand taxi booking service company. Ola started its on-demand Taxi Booking Service by acquiring a fleet of cars.
    • Supriya Srivastava (Moderator)
      Hello Carolyn,
      Thanks for the appreciation.
      In case of any questions, please feel free to drop a mail to [email protected].
      Best Regards,
      Team Webkul
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