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    Odoo Website Theme Inventive User Guide

    Updated 15 April 2024


    Innovate your website with Odoo website Theme Inventive!

    Odoo Website Theme Inventive gives a flexible option to businesses to make their website updated and attractive for customers for better engagement.

    It offers various features that make the website more informative for customers and flexible to use making it easier to access products and surf on the Odoo Business Website. A better User Interface always results in better sales on the Business website.


    1. 40 Snippets options for website designing
    2. 6 font style options to customize the text on the website.
    3. Customizable Font Size and color for Better Readable text on the website.
    4. Mega Menu for Easy Navigation on Website.
    5. 4 Product Page View Options that allow customers to select as needed.
    6. Customer Account Dashboard which carries all information.
    7. Responsive UI that fits any device screen resolutions
    8. Customer Reviews and Ratings that carry customer’s opinions on that product.
    9. Compare Products allows customers to compare products on the website
    10. Product Counts as per the Ratings And Reviews option for customers to get appropriate results.
    11. Alternate Product Suggestions for customers help with up-selling of products.

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    1. After purchasing the module, a link will be provided to download a zip file.
    2. Extract the file and a folder name theme_inventive’ will be visible.
    3. Copy the folder to the Odoo add-ons path.
    4. Open the Odoo app, and click on settings. Then, Click on Developer Mode.
    5. Now, open the Apps Menu and click ‘Update Module List’.
    6. At the search bar, remove all filters and search theme_inventive’.
    7. And Click on Install for Installation.

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    Configuration for features:

    Mega Menu

    1. After the Successful Installation of the module, Navigate to “Configuration >> Mega Menu”.
    Mega Menu 1
    1. A user can view the list of previous configurations made for the mega menu or can create a new mega menu by clicking on “New”.
    MegaMenu 2
    1. To create the mega menu you need to fill up the following configurations:
      • “Menu”: Name of the Menu
      • “Parent Menu”: To link the Previous Menu.
      • “Show On Hover”: The mega menu will appear just by hovering on it.
      • “Website”: To configure the module for a website at a time.
      • “Sequence”: To set as per the number of containers it can have.
      • “Menu Icon”: The user can set the icon of the menu if needed.
      • “Menu icon size”: You can set the size of the image to be visible when accessing the mega menu.
    Create Mega Menu

    Basic Configurations

    1. For insight configurations, you can route to “Configurations >> Configuration”. Which allows users to configure the settings for their website behavior.
    Basic Configuration
    1. In the Configuration page fill up the required configurations

    Product Tabs

    1. To make the products visible per categories like Best Sellers, Recommended, etc. You need to route to the “Configurations >> Inventive Product tab”.
    Product Tabs
    1. Here, you can see the list of products configured as the highlighted product categories. Which will be display on the Homepage.
    Product tab list
    1. To configure for new click on “New” and input the required details.
    Create Product Tab

    Inventive Features

    1. To create Featured Products for the theme, route to “Configuration >> Inventive Features”
    1. Click on “NEW” to create a new feature for the product.
    Features 2
    1. Here, You can fill up the details to create a new Feature configuration:
      • “Name”: Name of the featured mapping
      • “Product Auto Selection”: If enabled, it will automatically fetch the products from the defined product type.
      • “Limit”: To define the number of products to be fetched automatically.
      • “Featured Product Type”: Here, you can define the product mapping as “Featured Products”, “Top Rated Products” or “New Products”.
      • “Featured Products”: You need to define the products to be used in the feature option of the Theme.
      • And Click On “Save” to confirm the configurations.
    Create features

    Inventive Product Tags

    1. To define products in a precise way you can use tags. For tags configurations navigate to “Configuration >> Inventive Product Tags”
    Product Tags
    1. Here, You can create new product tags and see created tags for use. To Create Product tags click on “NEW”.
    prod tags
    1. Fill Up the Details
      • “Name”: Name of the tag to be used
      • “Style”: Select the style for the tag
      • “Associated Product”: Select the products to be considered with this tag.
    Product tags 3

    Website View

    1. The module offers 40 Snippet options for Customisation for the Odoo Website.
    Inventive Snippets
    1. Home Page View to Customers
    Home Page
    1. Mega Menu Menu option when configured from the backend
    Mega Menu on Homepage
    1. Shop Page View for customers
    Shop Page
    1. Customer Reviews and Ratings/ Description option
    Customer Review
    1. Product Compare option for selected products
    Compare Products 1
    1. Product Compare With their details and Customers can set the Number of products per page to be displayed
    Compare Products 2
    1. They Can sort the products as needed.
    Product as per number visible
    1. View type: Grid at Shop Page
    Grid View
    1. View Type: Table
    Table View
    1. View Type: Rows
    Rows View
    1. View Type: Coloum
    Coloumn View
    1.  Terms and Conditions for customers
    T and C
    1. Contact Us page
    Contact Us
    1.  Customer My Account Dashboard where customers.
    Customer Dashboard


    Hope you find the guide helpful! Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

    If you still have any issues/queries regarding the same, please raise a ticket at the Webkul Support System.

    Thanks for paying attention!!

    Current Product Version - Odoo V17.x, 16.x , 15.x 14.x , 13.x ,12.x

    Supported Framework Version - 1.0.5

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