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    Blog Version - Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x,2.3.x
    • Version Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x
    • Version Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x,2.3.x

    Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App

    Introduction- Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App

    If you are a grocery store owner then Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App is the perfect answer to attract the maximum customer. It will convert the Magento 2 based grocery store into a native mobile app.

    This app can make your store easily reachable by the customer. They can now order products from anywhere and anytime. Thus, giving the app an enhanced user experience with its varied range of features.

    So, let’s have a look at how the app operates to increase sales of your store in a dynamic way.


    • The customer can purchase the grocery items using the mobile app on the go.
    • Increase the customer’s engagement over the mobile platform.
    • Growth in sales and revenue.
    • Better user experience.
    • The app has user-friendly features like – easy checkout process, sign up or sign in, wishlist, interactive shopping cart, push notifications and many more.
    • Fully native Application.
    • Multi-payment gateways supported.
    • Real-time synchronization.
    • Mobile and Tablet supported.
    • Featured category.
    • Featured product carousel.
    • New product carousel.
    • Fully Native Android and iOS
    • Unlimited Push Notifications
    • Real-Time Synchronization
    • Multi Payment Gateways supported
    • Multiple Shipping Support
    • Multi-Lingual Support
    • Interactive Theme
    • Enhanced Layered Navigation
    • Offline Mode
    • Finger Print Login
    • Related Products
    • Next/Previous Product View On Product Page
    • Voice Search
    • Mobile & Tablet support
    • Easy Checkout Process
    • All types Product Supported
    • Multi-Currency Support
    • Product Sharing over Social media
    • Social Login (*)
    • Mobile Login (*)
    • One Time Password
    • Order Tracking by Notification (*)


    The app has a very interactive introductory homepage that can help in attracting the customer. The homepage contains-

    • Category Carousel– This section contains a set of categories which are related to the products. Thus, the customer can click on any category to purchase the desired product. This gives the app a systematic approach.
    • Banner Slider-The banners in the homepage are in the form of a slider. Thus, the admin can easily add products and category to the respective banner.
    • Featured Product Carousel-The admin can assign the exclusive collection of his store to featured product carousel section.
    • New Product Carousel- The new arrival of the store can be showcased by admin in this section.
    • Hot Deal Section-This section contains the products which are running in offers. Henceforth, the admin can promote the discounted products on the homepage for getting it easily noticed by the customer.

    Hence, letting the customer interact with the app in an effective way that could help in increment of sales of the store.

    Note- The admin can configure the banner carousel, category carousel, new and featured product, hot deal section and notification from admin end. In order to know more about how to configure, refer here-Mobikul Application Magento 2 Configuration.

    The desired product can be searched by the customer in three formats-

    Like, Full Text, and Combine.

    • ‘Like’ finds the similarity between the keywords matching with product titles,
    • ‘Full Text’ exactly matches the keyword with the titles and
    • ‘Combine’ is a mix of both.

    The keywords here can be either typed or can be searched via voice. Thus, making the search process efficient and effective.

    The app gives the feature of Search via Machine Learning where the customer can look for desire product via Text or Product Detection.

    Left Navigation Drawer

    The customer can shop from the variety of products associated with the categories present in the left navigation. Thus, the drawer has even got search option(which includes-Search terms and Advanced search).

    The Extra section has the functionality to Compare Products and Contact Us. So, in addition, we have a list of CMS page which shares the information about the store.

    All Categories and Product

    The customer can either click on the categories in the navigation panel or on the homepage. That will direct towards a collection page. Now, the customer can click on the desired product to see the specifications and other details.

    The customer here can Add product to cart, edit the quantity of the product, add to the product to compare list, submit a review and directly buy the product(that is, move to checkout).

    The customer or app user can search the desired product with the list of the Pre-Searched product under Search Terms.

    The second option of search is Advanced Search with which the customer can fetch the product as per-

    • Product Name
    • Description
    • Short Description
    • SKU
    • Price(from and to)
    • Color
    • Tax Class

    Compare Products

    The customer can set a comparison between the products to derive the best product among multiple sets of products. So, for this, the customer can click on the comparison icon on the product which will add them to the list.

    CMS Pages

    By using this feature, the Admin can display his/her store content like About the Store, Customer Service, and Privacy Policy. Also, these pages help the customer to know more about the store and the policies of the store.

    Right Navigation Drawer

    The right navigation drawer contains an ability to Sign in or Sign up the application.

    Sign In/Sign Up

    The application user can Register the application using the Sign Up Option. Where the customer needs to enter the name, email address, and password.

    Once the customer is registered they can login the application via ‘Sign in’  Option. Hence, allowing them to take up the full advantage of the customer based features in the application.

    Once the user logs in the app personal details related to the account holder are reflected in this section.

    This section comprises-

    • Dashboard
    • My Downloadable Products
    • My Wishlist
    • Account Info
    • Notifications
    • Logout


    The Dashboard section contains details like Address, Orders and Reviews, of the customer. They majorly comprise of-

    • Address- This contains the information about the Default Billing Address, Default Shipping Address, and Additional Addresses of the customer.
    • Orders- This section encompasses the information about the customer’s recent orders with details like, Order ID, Name of the product, Total Amount, Status of The Order, and a ‘Details’ button through which other details of orders are displayed.
    • Review- In this section the Review which is submitted by the customer on various products are visible.

    So, the customer can review the personal information in this section.

    My Wishlist

    The Wishlist section contains the products that the customer wish to purchase in near future. This avoids them from again and again searching for the products.

    So, the product can be added to the cart from this section. Along with this the quantity can even be altered from here.

    Hence, the customer can add a custom comment in relation to the product.

    Account Info

    The customer account related information is present in this section-

    • First and Last Name
    • Option to change Email id and Password.

    Hence, if the customer wishes to change the above details then they can do the same in this section.


    This section contains the information about the offer, discount, other such details in the form of the advertising banner. These notifications are sent by the admin to the customer for better sales.

    The push notifications are said to be a better form of communication in comparison to the emails or messages. So, the admin can link the notification to product, categories or custom collection for which the banner is created.


    The customer can easily add the product to the cart and accomplish the checkout process. So, the checkout process involves few steps without involving much-complicated steps.

    • Showing Billing and Shipping Address with options to update/ change it.
    • Selection of Shipping Method
    • Payment information from various payment gateways.
    • Order Review, which will display all the products with its Price, Quantity and Grand Total after adjusting discounts, shipping charges etc. With Sub-Total.

    However, the customer can re-order the same order or continue shopping or return to the homepage from here.

    Thus, that’s all for the Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App, still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 3.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x,2.3.x

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