Magento POS(Point Of Sale) – Cart on hold Feature

Using Cart On Hold feature the POS user can put the current order on hold to assist other customers with their purchases.

Consider that at the physical store the POS User(person handling the Magento POS system) was adding products for a customer and the customer suddenly found that he was low on cash or maybe he did not want to go for the billing at that very moment and wants to check other products etc. What then? How to save his cart so that it can be resumed again?

To help with this scenario, the Magento POS system allows the POS User to put the current Cart On Hold so that the POS User can continue assisting the other customers while putting the previous customer’s cart-on hold. The POS User can again resume assisting the customer whose cart(with products) was put on hold. The POS User will resume the cart on hold for the checkout process very easily.

Let’s see how this works with some snapshots and workflow:

The POS user will be helping the customer to get the products into the cart for making the payment as shown below in the snapshot.

Now the POS User will click on the PUT CART ON HOLD button to put the current cart-on hold which brings up a confirmation dialog box. Here the POS User will click the “OK” button to put the current cart-on hold.

This will empty the cart and the POS User can see the current cart being added to hold as per the snapshot below.

The POS User can now start assisting the other customers in the queue. To get back to the cart-on hold, after completing an order, the POS User will click on the “Menu” button as shown below in the snapshot.

Clicking the “Menu” option will bring up a side menu from the left having the options – Home, Orders, Orders On Hold, Offline Orders , and the Cash Drawer. Here the agent will click the option”Orders On Hold” to check the orders on hold.

Clicking the menu option “Orders On Hold” will bring up the page to check the orders on hold as shown below in the snapshot.

Here the agent can easily switch between orders on hold. To switch between the orders on hold, select the order that you want to re-cart and then click the “Re-Cart” button, which brings up a pop-up for confirmation after which the selected cart-on-hold is added back to the cart.

That’s all for the Magento POS(Point Of Sale)Cart on hold featureWant to check a live demo – Magento POS.

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