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    Digital Music Marketplace

    Updated 19 January 2024

    Introduction to Digital Marketplaces:

    Where Buying and Selling Meet Online, In the online world, digital marketplaces are like big online stores where people buy and sell stuff. They make it easy for buyers and sellers from anywhere in the world to connect. From everyday items to special things, digital marketplaces are changing how we shop and do business. They bring convenience and a chance for everyone to join the global market.

    Digital Music Marketplaces:

    Digital music marketplaces are like online music stores where you can get your favorite songs. Think of iTunes, Amazon Music, or Bandcamp – they let you buy and download songs to keep on your device. It’s like having your music collection that you can listen to whenever you want. Now, with new technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence), places like Resemble AI and Vokaal are adding cool and unique voices to the music scene, making it even more exciting. Vokaal is special because it lets not just big musicians but also regular people sell their music, creating a friendly community of music lovers. It’s like a new way for music to play and connect with everyone online.

    Features of a Digital Music/Vocals Marketplace:

    Lots of Music Choices:

    In a digital music marketplace, you can find many types of music. It’s like a big collection where you can pick your favorite songs.

    Buy and Keep:

    You can buy your favorite songs and keep them on your device forever. It’s like having your very own music library.

    Different Voices with AI:

    Some places use cool technology called AI to create unique voices for songs. It’s like adding a special touch to the music.

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    Friendly for Everyone:

    In some marketplaces, not just big musicians, but regular people can sell their music too. It’s like a friendly community where everyone can share their tunes.

    Easy to Use:

    These marketplaces are made to be simple. You can find and buy music easily, making it fun to explore and discover new songs.

    Listen anytime, anywhere:

    When you purchase a song, you can listen to it whenever you want, even if you don’t have an Internet connection. It’s like carrying your favorite music with you.

    Discover New Artists:

    This store is like a musical treasure. You can find new and talented artists that you have never heard of on the radio. It’s like finding a hidden gem.

    Different Genres:

    Whether you like pop, rock, or other music, there is music for everyone. There seem to be many types of music to choose from.

    Smart Recommendations:

    Some stores use smart technology to find music you like based on the songs you listen to. It’s like having a musical friend who understands your taste.

    Easy Payment Method:

    Buying music is easy and the payment method is very easy. Choosing a song that will belong to you is like a wonderful experience.

    Connect with Artists:

    In some markets, you can connect with musicians. It’s like talking to your favorite artist.

    Share your playlist:

    You can create a playlist of your favorite songs and share them with your friends. It’s like making a mixtape for your friends.

    Advantages of Digital Music/Vocal Marketplaces:

    • Convenience: Buying and downloading music is easy and convenient; so you can easily enjoy your favorite music.
    • Limited Edition: When you buy a song, it’s yours. You can create a personal music library that you can listen to whenever you want, even offline.
    • Affordable Prices: Many digital stores offer affordable prices for songs or albums, allowing everyone to enjoy music.
    • Discover New Content Artists: These platforms are a great way to find and promote independent and emerging artists, expanding your musical horizons.
    • AI Enhancements: Some stores use AI to create unique music and sounds by adding new and innovative music. music.
    • Community Connection: Some platforms, like Vokaal, encourage a sense of community by allowing people to sell their music, creating a supportive environment for all artists.
    • Recommendations: Personalized recommendations help you find new music that suits your interests, making the discovery process more efficient.
    • Access Anywhere: The music you purchase is portable, allowing you to listen to your favorite music anywhere, even without an Internet connection.
    • User-friendly experience: These stores are designed to be easy to carry. It is usable and accessible to everyone, from tech-savvy users to those new to digital platforms.
    • Interactive playlists: You can add a social dimension to your music experience by creating playlists and sharing them with your friends.
    • Direct Artist Interaction: Some platforms allow users to connect directly with artists, build relationships, and interact with music lovers.

    In conclusion, the digital music business/music business has many advantages, from simplicity and affordability to the joy of finding new artists and easy music collection creation. They put music at your fingertips, create harmony, and enter the world of sound.

    Real-world examples of digital music/vocals marketplaces:

    • iTunes Store: A pioneer in music, iTunes allows users to purchase and download individual songs or entire albums. It has a large collection of music covering many genres.
    • Amazon Music: Amazon’s music store provides users with a platform to purchase and download digital music. It also offers subscription-based streaming services, broadening its appeal to a wide range of music interests.
    • Bandcamp: Bandcamp is known for supporting independent artists and allows musicians to sell their music directly to their fans. Users can choose to purchase albums individually or in their entirety in digital format.
    • Resemble AI: While not a traditional music marketplace, Resemble AI specializes in AI-generated voices. Its technology finds applications in various industries, including video games, virtual assistants, and film narration.
    • Vokaal: Vokaal is a versatile platform that combines sounds created by artificial intelligence with the contributions of singer-songwriters. It is both a music store and a community where users can become sellers.

    These examples showcase the diverse landscape of digital music/vocals marketplaces, ranging from established platforms like iTunes and Amazon Music to innovative models like Bandcamp, Resemble AI, and Vokaal. Each platform brings its unique features and caters to different aspects of the music ecosystem.

    Why choose the Webkul Multivendor Marketplace app for making a Digital Music Marketplace:

    Ease of use:

    Webkul’s Shopify multi-vendor business app is built with convenience in mind. You don’t need to be an expert to create and manage your store. The user-friendly interface provides a good experience for both sellers and buyers.


    Whether you plan to sell digital products, physical products, or a combination of the two, the app is versatile enough to adapt to many different needs. element. It provides the flexibility needed to create a business that suits your unique vision.

    Multi-provider functionality:

    The main advantage of this application is its multi-vendor functionality. Sellers can easily register in the store and manage their products and business processes. This feature is important for building a community of sellers and buyers. Seamless integration: It is easy to integrate the Webkul multi-vendor app with your Shopify store. Seamless integration allows your store to work with multiple suppliers to create a common business experience.

    Strong Management Controls:

    As a business owner, you have access to strong management controls. You can manage products, review and approve seller listings, adjust revenue, and track transactions. These controls help you run your business efficiently.


    Starting a digital business can bring problems and challenges. Webkul ensures a seamless process for setting up and managing your business by providing reliable support to guide you through any issues or questions you may encounter.

    In the world of multi-vendor (MVM) applications on Shopify, Webkul’s product stands out. The combination of user-friendly design, diverse functions, and reliable support makes it the best choice for entrepreneurs looking to build a digital-quality business. With Webkul, you don’t just start a business; You create a collaborative and profitable online experience for buyers and sellers.

    You can learn more about the Multivendor Marketplace app for Shopify by clicking the link:

    Vokaal and its features:

    Powered by Webkul Multivendor Marketplace App! Vokaal is a cool website where you can find amazing voices for your music, and here’s the exciting part – you can even share your voices with the world! What makes Vokaal even more awesome is that it’s built using the Webkul Multivendor Marketplace app.

    At Vokaal, you get to choose voices in different styles – like guys, girls, and even famous voices! You can also pick characters to add a unique touch to your voices. If you enjoy working with others, there’s a special place where you can team up with people for collaborative projects. And if you’re looking for voices from top singers, Vokaal has a list where you can buy or download them. Many people love using Vokaal. One person says it’s the best place for getting high-quality voices, and the team behind Vokaal is super helpful. So, if you’re searching for fantastic voices for your music, Vokaal, made with the Webkul Multivendor Marketplace app, is the go-to place for you!

    Frontend View of Vokaal:

    Vokaal Frontend View


    Vokaal is not just any music place – it’s packed with cool features that make creating music super exciting. Let’s dive into what makes Vokaal stand out:

    AI Vocal Magic:

    Imagine turning your written words into spoken words with different sounds. That’s what Vokaal does with its smart tech! You can choose voices like guys, girls, or even famous ones – all thanks to their Artificial Intelligence magic.

    AI Vocals

    Character Choices:

    Vokaal lets you be creative by picking characters for your voices. It’s like giving your music a special personality that stands out.

    Character Choices

    Collaborate and Connect:

    If you love making music with others, Vokaal has a special space just for that. You can connect with people, team up, and create awesome music together, you can connect with the Discord server.

    Discord Collab

    Top Singers List:

    Ever wanted voices from top singers for your music? Vokaal has a list where you can buy or download vocals from established and talented artists, adding a professional touch to your creations.

    Top Singers

    Customers can become Seller:

    Customers can also become sellers and sell their vocals, recordings, etc.

    Sell Vocals, Recordings
    Vokaal customer login

    Just log in and start selling.

    Made with Webkul Multivendor Marketplace App:

    Behind the scenes, Vokaal is made possible by the Webkul Multivendor Marketplace app. This tool ensures that the platform runs smoothly, allowing users to buy, sell, and collaborate seamlessly.

    In a nutshell, Vokaal is not just about voices; it’s about creating a musical experience filled with choices, creativity, collaboration, and a clear path to success. So, if you’re into making music, Vokaal is the place where fun features meet your musical journey!

    Webkul Multivendor Marketplace app Configurations for making Digital Music Marketplace:

    Firstly, open MVM app

    This is what the Home Menu looks like:

    Multivendor marketplace

    Configure Shop type:

    Go to Configuration and select General Configuration

    General configuration

    On the redirected page, change the shop type to digital

    Digital Shop Type

    Adding Digital Products:

    Go to Multivendor Marketplace Seller Panel, then select Products, click on Product Listing, and then Add Product

    Add Products

    Choose the Product as Digital:

    Choose Digital Product

    In the Add Digital Product section; upload your digital product file (the file should be less than or equal to 100 MBs), enter the number of accessible days for which your customers can access it & enter the number of downloads allowed. (By default, the value is equal to zero which means unlimited access & downloading)

    Accessible Days

    After that, Save it.

    Now from the Sellers’ dashboard, they can also add their digital products like admin.

    Seller Dashboard
    Add Product from seller dashboard

    You can learn more about Digital Products Configuration by clicking the link:


    That’s all about Digital Music Marketplace, Digital music marketplaces are cool places to get awesome tunes. With the Webkul Multivendor Marketplace app, you can even make your music spot – it’s like creating your special world of tunes. So, whether you’re after music or dreaming of your music marketplace, Webkul makes it easy. Your musical adventure begins here!

    If you need any kind of support, just raise a ticket at You can also contact [email protected] to get proper assistance.

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