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    CS-Cart Product Availability By Pincode/Zipcode

    CS-Cart Product Availability By Pincode/ Zipcode:

    This Add-on will enable Product availability by pincode/zipcode. With the support of this magnificent add-on, the customers can easily find out whether the product they want to order can be delivered in the desired postal address. It is as simple as entering the zip code and checking the availability, also helps in decreasing the abandonment rate of the site.

    Check a brief overview of the add-on –


    CS-Cart Product Availability By Pincode/Zipcode Features:

    • The extension has the ability to import and export CSV file containing pin code/zip code and product id in the backend.
    • A user has the option to select the range of products or complete range of products available in product list for importing/exporting.
    • In addition this extension gives the freedom to upload CSV to let the user check the availability of the product for the desired postal address.
    • Also Customer will be able to use the check availability option in the product page of the store.
    • Validation of pin code/zip code in product and cart page.
    • Option to check the availability of a product in a quick view tab.
    • Moreover it is easy to configure and use at admin end.

    Updated Features(Version 1.2):

    • Option to select the range of product’s category makes available to pincode/ zipcode.
    • Functionality to create groups to add products with pincode/zipcode.
    • Functionality to display pincode/ zipcode “change box” at front end.

    The Flow Of Installation And Configuration:

    After downloading the CS-Cart Product Availability by Pincode/Zipcode you’ll get one zip file(product_availibility_pincode_zipcode) unzip and use it. After unzip you will get the product_availibility_pincode_zipcode.pdf file, read it carefully and follow it.

    Step1: Go to the Manage Add-ons page. Browse and select the zip file, upload and install.


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    Step2: Click on Product tab. Scroll down and select “Product availability by Pincode/Zipcode” to add, edit, import and export the products by pincode/zipcode.addon

    Add a product:

    To add any product with pincode/zipcode click on “+” to create.

    product list

    In “Add New Product” choose the product from the listed product of store by clicking on “+” next to choose product option. Save and close.
    update product

    To select a product from “choose product” option please view the snapshot below.add product

    Pincode/Zipcode Group:

    A User can also create a group of product to add with the pincode/zipcode. A user can add multiple products and categories to the group. In General tab, enter the details like group name and select pincode/zipcode manually to create a group. Here a user can also add products that belong to the respective group in the same method as we discussed above.
    new pincode

    Back end view of adding a category to a group:

    add category

    Category added to group:category added

    Import data:

    To import content of CSV file which must contain “product id” and “Pincode/zip code”. Click on the “Import products with Pincode/Zipcode” at the right side. For better understanding please view the snapshot below. To import data, users have following options by which he can import CSV file. The functionality of CSV delimiter is provided. A delimiter is a sequence in which a user can separate two terms i.e. Product ID and Pincode/zipcode. Here three delimiters are provided that includes a semicolon, tab, and comma. A user can select either of these options accordingly. The upload of CSV file can be done via local, server and URL. Then Click on “Import” to import the file.import data

    How to export data:

    Click on “Export products with Pincode/Zipcode”. To export data user needs to select CSV delimiter for a file to export, select output which contains direct download, screen, and server. At last user needs to enter a name for his CSV file.export

    Frontend View

    Product Availability in “Product View” page view:

    Pincode/Zipcode check availability in the product view page at the front end.frontend view

    This display views the availability of delivery of the product after the pincode/zipcode is checked for the mentioned location.
    This display views the non-availability of delivery of the product after the pincode/zipcode is checked for the mentioned location.frontend view

    Here an additional feature of the “CHANGE PINCODE” box is available. If a user wants to display a Pincode/zipcode of a specific city to every product then that Pincode/zip code will be entered in this box. A user can also change the Pincode/zipcode available by default for every product.

    To display a pincode/zipcode box at the storefront, go to the “Design” tab and click “Layout”. Click on “Product” tab and create a block for the search box in the backend. Here a new popup is opened, Click “Create New Block” and then “Template”. Now add block to the template.templateedit

    View of “CHANGE PINCODE” is given in the below screenshot.

    change pincode

    Cart Page View:

    View of Billing Address.cart page view

    Here once there is a non-availability of product user won’t be able to proceed further for payment option. An error message will be generated as mentioned below. View of List of Non-availability of Products.checkout


    That’s all for the CS-Cart Product Availability by Pincode/Zipcode, still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the product better

    Besides this you can explore our cs-cart Development Services and Quality cs-cart add-ons.

    Current Product Version - 1.3

    Supported Framework Version - 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x

    Blog Version - 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x
    • Version 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x
    • Version 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x
    . . .
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