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BOPIS Model: Buy Online, Pick Up in Store

Updated 13 May 2022

In the eCommerce term, BOPIS stands for Buy Online, Pick Up in Store. Well! the expansion itself is explanatory. But, this article will explain how the BOPIS model is catering to customer’s expectations in the field of eCommerce and how retailers find BOPIS implementation the best strategy to drive in-store traffic.

What is BOPIS?

BOPIS model explains the process of buying products online and picking them up by visiting the stores. The merchants facilitate customers to shop online from their stores and provide them seller addresses to visit the shop and pick up the purchased item.

Despite the fact that customers prefer to shop online, high shipping rates prevent them from completing the purchasing process. This is the reason merchants are trying hard to implement the BOPIS model in their online stores and offer a streamlined online-offline shopping experience to their customers.

The eCommerce retail giants (like Amazon) have adopted this model and are providing flexibility to the shoppers by allowing their customers to pick up packages at third-party retail locations.

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How BOPIS Works?

Customers always look to have a seamless & convenient shopping experience online. While selecting an item for purchase, the customer will have the option to choose if he/she requires the item on an urgent basis or he/she can wait for some time to pick it up.

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The BOPIS model exactly does the same by providing a convenient store pickup option to the customers.

The whole process of the BOPIS model goes like this:-

  • Customer buys products online from the merchant’s website.
  • The merchant fulfills the order online.
  • The customer visits the merchant’s store & pick up the item.

That’s all!

Features of BOPIS

Dropping down the reasons due to which merchants are accelerating their move to implement BOPIS on their stores:-

Digitalize In-store Experience

According to Retail TouchPoints, around 90% of the retailers will implement the BOPIS model and approx 75% will be able to identify customers in the store and have the ability to customize their visits by 2021.

Thus, in the coming years, the in-store shopping experience of the customers will be digitalized. This digital transformation will drive the customer’s shopping experience.


The main motive behind implementing the BOPIS model is to provide convenience to the customers who shop from your website.
Mark:- You always take care of your customer’s requirements as happy customers are more likely to boost businesses.

According to the Internet Retail Consumer survey:-

Around 73% of the customers choose to pick up the items from the store just to avoid high shipping rates.
32.2% of the customers wish to pick up the item as the shop is nearby & it’s convenient to pick it up from the store rather than getting it delivered by paying the shipping cost.
30.4% of customers want same-day delivery. So, they visit the stores & pick up the items.

Increase Additional Purchase

Let the customers make additional purchases while picking up the items from the merchant’s store.

Coming to pick up the item increases the likelihood of making additional purchases.

Bring more flexibility & convenience to customers and let them shop additional items when they visit your store to pick up the item.

Eliminate the Pain of Shipment

Shipment & delivery of orders is a painful task for the merchants. To get rid of it, merchants prefer to implement the BOPIS model on their stores & become free from the trouble of managing shipment.
On the other hand, if a customer is not completing the purchasing process (if not satisfied with the shipping cost), there is an option to visit the seller’s store and pick up the item.

Moreover, the customers do not have to worry about the wear & tear of items at the time of shipment.


Minimize the Return & Exchange of Items from the Order

Implementing the BOPIS will also reduce the return and exchange of items from the order. Thus, you will be free from the hassle of managing refunds and inventory on your store.

Pick Up Option for Marketplace with Shopify

Select Seller’s Address & Pick Up the Items

If you run a marketplace using the Multi-vendor Marketplace app for Shopify, you can provide the option for customers to pick up the items from the seller’s address. This can be achieved using the Store Pick Up featured app.

Steps to implement the Store Pickup option for your marketplace with Shopify:-

  • Install the Multi-vendor Marketplace app for Shopify.
  • Add sellers or get them registered.
  • Install the Store Pick Up feature app.
  • Provide the order pickup option to customers from the app.
  • Allow sellers to configure store pickup details.
  • Enable the Multi-location feature & allow sellers to add multiple locations.
  • Lastly, add the codes to make the option visible for the customers on the product description page.

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