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    Add Store Locator to Your Shopify Store

    Updated 2 March 2020

    With transforming eCommerce, online sales are gaining a lot of momentum. But the concept of in-store shopping will never fade away!

    Millennials are certainly very savvy online customers, but they haven’t stopped visiting brick-and-mortar stores. In interviews conducted at one of America’s largest shopping malls confirmed that many members of the digital generation prefer visiting stores rather than shopping online.

    Moreover, the International Council of Shopping Centres found that 61% of shoppers who bought items online and picked them up in-store, made an additional purchase on visiting the store. 

    This number was higher amongst young shoppers, where three out of four millennials made impulsive purchases when visiting the store to collect their pre-ordered items.

    All these facts take us to the conclusion that the omnichannel retail system is the way to keep moving eCommerce forward!

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    Store Locator: Omni-channel Retail System

    Having a store locator menu on your online store is the first step to enter the omnichannel retail system.

    Before looking into how you can embed the store locator feature in your Shopify store, let’s understand the need to have one in a gist.

    Benefits of Store Locator

    • A great way to make your store customer-centric.
    • Providing an easy and accessible way for your customer base to find your retail shops.
    • You can add a search filter to each of your locations, letting your customers sort the results.
    • Customers can also check the store availability/timings to visit your store.
    • Google Maps will provide them an instant driving direction to your store.
    • If you have multiple dealers or sell in the local communities, Store Locator will be helpful.
    • Store locators add authenticity to your online store. Thus, affecting branding, customer loyalty, and overall revenue.
    • Most customers search for local store locations using search engines. So, if your online store has a store locator menu, you are more likely to be in the search results. All because having store locators enriches your content even more.
    • If your customers don’t want to pay those extra bucks for shipping, they can drive to your local stores & make the purchase.
    • In case people want a product urgently, they can come to your offline store rather than ordering online to get it soon.

    So, if you are looking for an easy-to-use, powerful and customizable Store Locator app with all the features we talked about above then check out:

    Locate your Pickup Store by Webkul for your Shopify store!

    For more details regarding the app:
    You can drop your query at [email protected] or raise a ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

    Until next time. 👋

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